Annual General Meeting

The Security Institute holds an Annual General Meeting (AGM), where members are invited to hear the progress the Institute has made in the previous year, accept the annual accounts and elect Directors.

You can recap the 2021 AGM HERE

In addition, the Institute holds Extraordinary General Meetings (EGM) whenever significant proposals need membership approval before implementation.

2021 AGM Calling Notice

Dear Colleagues,

It is my pleasure to invite you to join the Chair, Board of Directors and the HQ team at this year’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). This year we return with our first ever digital AGM on 21st April at 12:30, ensuring that all can safely attend the event during the on-going period of social restrictions. Our AGM is being held for the following purposes:

  • To receive a Financial Report and adopt the Security Institute statement of Accounts and Auditors’ Report for the year ended December 31st 2020.
  • To reappoint Armstrongs as Accountants of the Company and approve their renumeration.
  • To receive a report from the Chair of the Institute.
  • To elect Directors to the main Board.
  • To transact any other competent ordinary business.

This year’s election for Directors to join the Board is one of the most important in recent years as there are in effect eight places, up for election at this AGM. This is due to a number of factors:

  • Our previous Chair Professor Alison Wakefield CSyP FSyI and Angela Vernon Lawson FSyI are retiring from the board after 11 years and six years service respectively creating two vacancies,
  • Stuart Hughes FSyI resigned from the Board during the year and Sarah Austerberry CSyP FSyI was co-opted and now seeks your support for her election
  • Alex Yates FSyI also resigned from the Board during the year, creating a yet unfilled place.
  • Tony Aston FSyI Rtd, Carl Dakin CSyP FSyI, Mahbubal Islam CSyP FSyI and Richard Woolford CSyP FSyI having completed three years on the Board offer themselves for re-election for a further three years.

There is a lot to cram into this AGM. You will hear from our new Chair, Peter Lavery FSyI, on the strategic developments of the Institute as well as the ongoing focus on enhancing our governance and corporate social responsibility (CSR). The directors have been outstanding in delivering their portfolios and the impact has been felt far beyond the membership. It is being noticed across Government and the wider industry as well as other countries, with 41 Corporate Partners now aligned with us and 35 Government Departments offering membership to now over 800 civil servants.

At HQ, we have had a busy year. Not only have we expanded by another member of staff, we have also been developing ourselves to be better at our individual roles. On the information assurance/cyber security front, we passed external audits on GDPR compliance and Cyber Essentials Plus. We continue to streamline our operations and align our business processes, risk and resilience with the standards of ISO 9001, for which we were accredited again this past month by our auditors the BSI.

As we plan for another busy year, it is good to stop and reflect on our progress to date. We want to recognise the hard work of our volunteers and give you, the engaged membership, a reminder of why you chose to belong to the Security Institute. We welcome and encourage your participation and appreciate the opportunity to respond to your questions. On behalf of the Board and our staff, we look forward to meeting you for an informative AGM hosted on an exciting new social networking platform.

Warmest Regards,

Rick Mounfield CSyP FSyI

Chief Executive


You can read the programme of the AGM and the full information for each Director Nominee HERE


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About Main Board Positions
A maximum of 15 directors are appointed by the membership of the Institute.
Each Director focuses on a portfolio and works with the main Board to deliver the aims, objectives and budgetary targets of the Institute.
The Board is structured around four portfolios: Research, Professional Development, External Relations and Commercial.
There are four Board meetings and two strategy days a year, and Directors typically serve for a three year period. The role is voluntary and carries the full legal responsibilities of a director.

Key Responsibilities
A Board Director is expected to:
1. Deliver a defined portfolio and work to agreed objectives and budgetary targets in line with Institute strategy
2. Ensure that their portfolio is supported by adequate volunteers and ensure that objectives are met
3. Attend board meetings, the AGM, the annual board strategy day, the annual conference, the Remembrance event and any required directorial training
4. Participate in conference calls for their assigned directorate and any working groups in which they become involved
5. Provide timely responses via email to any matters for discussion or decision circulated in this format
6. Prepare board reports and effective communications to the members relating to their area of responsibility
7. Participate in the Institute’s Continuing Professional Development scheme and complete annual returns
8. Actively engage with members and assist with the recruitment of new members and the promotion of the Chartered Security Professional qualification.

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