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We have partnered with PerpetuityARC Training & Tavcom Training and Amica Interactive, both industry leaders for online training, to produce a range of professional online training courses with engaging and relevant content. These easy-to-use courses are designed to support the professional development of security professionals, ensuring that you are able to meet the demands of the industry and are up-to-date on all the latest developments.

All our courses are flexible, allowing you to complete the content as and when you want, around any other commitments.

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You earn 2 formal CPD points for every hour of learning you spend whilst completing one of our Online Training Courses, and will be issued with a certificate to support any future CPD submissions.

PerpetuityARC Training & Tavcom Training

With over 35 years experience of delivering security training around the world, PerpetuityARC Training and Tavcom Training are the industry leaders when it comes to security training. In collaboration with the Security Institute, PerpetuityARC Training and Tavcom Training has developed a range of short online training courses to help security professionals continuing their professional development.

Their range of courses includes:

As well as many other titles, all relevant to the role of a security professional.

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Being There Courses - 50% Launch Discount for Two Weeks Only!

We are releasing a brand new online training programme called ‘Being There’. ‘Being There’ teaches essential skills when dealing with loved ones or colleagues who need emotional support.

The programme has been devised by the internationally respected psychologist, Dr Derek Smyth. Co-author of the anger management programme, Defusing The Bomb, Dr Smyth has been delivering highly-sought in-person workshops on human growth and development to organisations, institutions and individuals in Europe and the US for many years.

You have the options of either:

  • Being There Professional Course – with an exclusive 50% discount for the first two weeks after launch
  • Being There Awareness Course

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Standard Operating Procedure for returning to work COVID -19 : Induction Course

This course takes you through the processes to follow during recommencement of work at your organisation, ensuring you are prepared for the challenges your organisation faces as we exit national lockdown.

It outlines the essential considerations and procedures that need to be in place to ensure the safety of your team and the general public, including:

  • how to prevent cross-contamination, rules on social distancing and administering First Aid
  • best practices to ensure your site is always employee-friendly to combat infectious diseases
  • how to deal with suspected and confirmed cases of Covid-19
  • the best workplace management approaches to follow

This course is included in a discounted bundle package with our COVID-19 Compliance Officer course. You can save 25% if you buy our bundle package.

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COVID-19 Compliance Officer Course

This course focuses on the roles and responsibilities of a Covid-19 Compliance Officer, an essential role within all organisations as we start to create safe working spaces post COVID-19.

This course has additional modules to the ‘Standard Operating Procedure for returning to work COVID -19 : Induction Course‘ offers insights on the various strategies and best practices used by the Officer to ensure a safe and sanitary working environment that is free from Covid-19 and prioritises employee wellbeing. 

This course is included in a discounted bundle package with our ‘Standard Operating Procedure for returning to work COVID -19 : Induction’ course. You can save 25% if you buy our bundle package.

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