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With over 35 years experience of delivering security training around the world, PerpetuityARC Training and Tavcom Training are the industry leaders when it comes to security training. In collaboration with the Security Institute, PerpetuityARC Training and Tavcom Training has developed a range of short online training courses to help security professionals continuing their professional development. These easy-to-use courses are designed to support the professional development of security professionals, ensuring that you are able to meet the demands of the industry and are up-to-date on all the latest developments.

All our courses are flexible, allowing you to complete the content as and when you want, around any other commitments.

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You earn 1 CPD point for every hour of learning you spend whilst completing one of our Online Training Courses, and will be issued with a certificate to support any future CPD submissions.

Principles of Security SFJ Level 2 Award

This online training course will equip entry-level security personnel and those interested in security with an understanding of the fundamental principles of security.

You will leave the course with the necessary knowledge and understanding to recognise and assess threat. You will be able to effectively communicate risk, demonstrate appropriate security building blocks for practical application. The training covers key areas included in customer service, and explores the different Enforcement Acts, helping you to be aware of such laws.

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ARC Training Essential Security Practices

This online security awareness course provides an introduction to the essentials of corporate security for those whose core role falls outside that of the typical security professional.

It is designed to provide staff and those for whom security is one of a number of responsibilities with the knowledge and confidence necessary to understand key concepts and best-practice advice surrounding security.

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Security Management BTEC Level 4 (eLearning)

This online course is an essential introduction to the key ideas, techniques and concerns at the heart of professional security management today.

It provides comprehensive coverage of the responsibilities, resources and skills that are central to providing effective security management in the commercial environment.

From identifying issues, understanding theories about risk, and isolating causes and prevention of crime to designing and implementing loss prevention and security initiatives that really work, it’s the ideal course for today’s security manager.

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Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management SRF BTEC Level 4 (eLearning)

In today’s world it is essential that organisations recognise and prepare for potentially disastrous events. This starts with a true exploration of risk.

Whether fire, flooding, terrorism or other potentially devastating events, organisations need to recognise the risks and be prepared to handle both crises and disasters as part of an effective continuity strategy.

The aim of this course is to show you how to identify threats and prepare and plan effectively. The course will provide a broad spectrum of knowledge relating to risk, crisis and disaster management within organisations, including the composition and operation of the Crisis Management Team.

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Managing Security Surveys SRF BTEC Level 4 (eLearning)

Conducting a security survey is an essential skill for security managers.

This online course provides a step-by-step guide to the process of conducting an effective security survey, providing you with a template for conducting your own surveys. The course will show you how to identify the particular threats to your business, premises and staff, and how you can protect against them.

During the course, you will be guided through each stage involved in conducting a survey.

You will also learn how to use the security survey as part of your ongoing risk analysis and security strategy.

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Security Institute Certificate in Security Management - BTEC Level 3

This training course is proudly delivered in partnership with the UK’s Security Institute and is now available for booking throughout the year, so simply book your place, pay and get started.

The Security Institute Certificate in Security Management is an online security training course, providing you with an introduction to key ideas, techniques and issues central to professional security management. You will gain an understanding of policy, best practice and legislation associated with security management principles, including health and safety, asset protection and information security.

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Managing Security Risks in the Oil and Gas Sector QNUK Level 4

This is an SFJ Level 4 Professional Award fully-accredited course.

There are few industries that require an in-depth understanding of security management as much as the oil and gas sector. Personal safety aside, the risks of theft, terrorism, environmental damage and reputational impact are some very real problems which can have devastating effects to organisations all over the world.

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Security Surveys (Bitesize)

This bitesize course gives an overview of the key elements with security surveying, and how this fits with the risk methodology.

You’ll learn about planning and conducting a security survey, why it is important to effectively communicate the results in the survey report, and when to address issues that may arise from the survey.

Price: £24.00

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Security Lighting (Bitesize)

Security lighting is an essential element to a sound security provision, and should be considered with any design and implementation of physical security measures.

This bitesize course explains the range of available lighting systems, where they are best used, and how to understand requirements fully.

Price: £24.00

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Perimeter Security (Bitesize)

This essential bitesize programme establishes the purpose of perimeter security, the range of technologies available, and the core principles involved in designing, developing and improving a security system.

Price: £24.00

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Procuring & Managing Security Contracts (Bitesize)

This bitesize course offers insights into the process of procuring and managing security contracts. It looks into the tender process, managing contracts and how to manage performance.

Price: £24.00

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Access Management (Bitesize)

This essential bitesize course establishes the purpose of access management, the range of technologies available, and the core principles involved in designing, developing and improving a security system.

Price: £24.00

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Building Security (Bitesize)

This essential bitesize programme establishes the purpose of building security, the range of technologies available, and the core principles involved in designing, developing and improving a security system that protects those within it.

Price: £24.00

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Video Surveillance Systems (Bitesize)

An online foundation course in the essentials of CCTV systems. You’ll learn about what makes a successful CCTV system, what’s important when looking at CCTV, and the operational requirement.

Price: £24.00

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