07.12.22 – Webinar: Bottom up thinking in crowd management


Date: Wednesday 7th December 2022

Time: 10:00am

Details: This webinar is for Security Institute Members and guests

About this event… 

Thinking in a different way: Using bottom up rather than, or as well as , top-down thinking and applying it to crowd management and crowded spaces. 

With the advent of the professionalisation of the security industry companies have tended to perceive this as the right time to institute top down thinking. A top-down approach re-engineers a large task into smaller subtasks. However, more recent thinking has a focus on a bottom-up approach where the different fundamental parts are solved first and then these are then combined into a whole program.


Bottom-up thinking works best when people take in and process details in order to arrive at a conclusion. If we take the creation of a barrier plan for a new artist, street event or major transport hub, then experientially we may perceive that it is similar to other contexts and environments. However, by fixing the details through working with the experts a team can provide a new more creative approach. Top-down thinking focusing on the same challenge works by people relating what they see to prior knowledge and experience rather than focusing on the details.


Of course, from this it is clear that in reality you do need both a top down and bottom up approach, but it is the elastic thinking element which is important. Traditionally the leadership team sets the company’s direction and major projects, and everyone else executes the plan. This promotes speed, and consistency but eschews creativity. Bottom-up management is the opposite it allows for ideas about upcoming targets, projects, and vision which emerge from individual contributors within the team. This  creates more space for feedback and discussion.


This is about balance and elasticity and through this webinar we will explore how to remove autocracy and get the team to buy into the vision of the company and of the security industry in general.

You can earn 2 CPD points for attending this webinar

07 December, 2022  10:00

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