08.12.21 – Webinar – Maritime Security Vs Maritime Risk Management: Are They Really Interchangeable?


Date: Wednesday 8th December 2021

Time: 10:00am

Details: This webinar is for Security Institute Members and guests

About this event… 

Maritime Security Vs Maritime Risk Management: Are They Really Interchangeable?

In this week’s webinar we are joined by Capt. (RT). Nikos Georgopoulos, Capt. (Rt). Panagiotis Laimos and Chrysanthi Laimou, join us on this webinar to get an inside view of the maritime security industry and the currently formed threat environment surrounding maritime operations and affecting global trade. We shall discuss the place pirates hold in the criminal activity scene against the maritime sector and why the shift towards the Gulf of Guinea and new modus operandi around the world have transformed maritime security and placed it under a different prism.

Capt. (Rt). Nikos Georgopoulos leads the Business Development department of Diaplous Group. He is a graduate of the Hellenic Naval Academy/ Strategy Operations as well as of the Hellenic Naval War College/NATO Special Forces training and Operations, with 20 years of service in the Hellenic Navy. He has served as the Commanding Officer of the Navy Seals Command and Naval Warships, while he has also held executive positions in multinational companies.

Capt. (Rt). Panagiotis Laimos has a professional background in operating and managing marine power plants & shipyards technical divisions, management of technical projects (national & international), management of Production & Business Units and management of Large Security Departments. He has undertaken several top managerial positions and security projects in numerous countries in Southeast Europe and has been involved in numerous High Value Cargo Loss investigations and supported organizations in solving actual cases and developing mitigation measures based on lessons learned. During his service in the Hellenic Navy, he was the Director of Training Policy and Organization as well as the Training & Development Director of the B’ Branch (B2), during which he undertook the development and implementation of all training activities of the Hellenic Navy. In total, he has 11 years of university-level instructing experience and is also a TAPA EMEA trainer and auditor. Recently, he has been invited by the European Commission (DG MOVE) to join the Civilian Experts Group on the Safe and Secure Truck Parking Standard development.

Mrs. Chrysanthi Laimou has been a security professional for the past ten years, focusing mostly on designing & implementing supply chain security solutions for the High Value Theft Targeted markets. Nowadays, she is the manager of Diaplous Human Resources Services, part of Diaplous Group, offering such services internally and externally. She has also supported companies in setting up their internal management system regarding supply chain security as well as designed and implemented their internal supply chain security and loss prevention awareness promotion programs. Her academic background consists of undergraduate studies in Mechanical Engineering and postgraduate studies in Forensic Engineering & Science. She has also been a Transported Asset Protection Association EMEA Trainer on the FSR & TSR Supply Chain Security Standards since 2016.

08 December, 2021 - 08 December, 2021  10:00

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