09.02.22 Webinar – Cyber Surveillance: Pegasus Spyware – Everything You Need To Know Or Were Too Scared To Ask


Date: Wednesday 9th February 2022

Time: 10:00am

Details: This webinar is for Security Institute Members and guests

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Cyber Surveillance: Pegasus Spyware – Everything You Need To Know Or Were Too Scared To Ask

In this week’s webinar we are joined by Salt Communications who will be hosting a webinar around the subject of Pegasus Spyware. In this webinar Joe Boyle, CEO at Salt Communications, will explain how hackers exploit Pegasus smartphone spyware and other weaknesses to go around your protection, obtain access to your systems, and steal data and voice information.

According to reports, a new variant of the aggressive mobile spyware known as Pegasus has infected the mobile devices of over 50,000 people in 50 nations. Pegasus and other spyware must be safeguarded from enterprise security experts’ mobile endpoints, and ultimately their entire organisation.

Salt Communications was formed in 2013 by Joe and other founders who have a shared history in the enterprise security, telecoms, network optimisation and mobile application development. Whilst the market is packed with consumed based encryption communication technologies, the founders of Salt Communications recognised that none of these solutions fit well within an enterprise’s operating framework.

Joe’s career has been focused on enterprise communications, security and network optimization. He has experienced considerable success bringing innovative new technologies to market, and helping customers adopt those technologies. Before Salt Communications, Joe was the director of product management for Silver Peak Systems and Blue Coat Systems, both in the network optimization space; and before that was employee number 4 at Replify, the first company to virtualize WAN optimization. He worked on secure communications technology at F5 Networks, Aepona (acquired by Intel) and Apion (acquired by Phone.com). Joe holds an MSc in Computational Science from Queen’s University Belfast.

09 February, 2022  10:00

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