27.07.22 – Webinar: Protecting VIPs & Physical Assets from Hybrid Threats


Date: Wednesday 27th July 2022

Time: 10:00am

Details: This webinar is for Security Institute Members and guests

About this event… 

Protecting VIPs & Physical Assets from Hybrid Threats


For this webinar we are joined by Constella Intelligence.

The threat landscape for physical assets is hybrid: bits & bytes, gates & guards.

COVID forced us to reset our approach to risk, and offer digital security when physical protection isn’t an option.

Principals and VIPs are getting younger, and consequently have bigger digital footprints. Likewise, they’re expected to have opinions on polarising global issues. Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals are now a factor in enterprise risk. Critical physical sites are vulnerable to political action, activism and consequences of global public opinion.

There’s an unmanageable amount of external risk, whilst more and more physical sites and VIPs are deemed too big (or, too connected) to fail. What options are there to absorb and predict digital threats to mobile or fixed assets, within protective services specifically?

Join us to find out more!

You can earn 2 CPD points for attending this webinar

27 July, 2022  10:00

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