CSyP Networking session with an expert speaker 19.07.22


CSyPs Only.

Date: Tuesday 19th July

Time: 13:00 BST

Bookings are now open for the third CSyP Networking session in 2022 with an expert speaker Andy Donaldson CSyP

“You are either part of the solution, or part of the problem.  Managing the threat of protests”.

The frequency and severity of protests, for a range of reasons, continues across London and other major cities in the United Kingdom. In this session Andrew will discuss ways to effectively identify, assess and mitigate the risk of protest, applying some lessons learnt from dealing with other types of security threats.

Andrew Donaldson is a Chartered Security Professional and Head of Security for Real Estate Management (UK) Ltd, responsible for security policy, strategy and crisis management at some of London’s most iconic buildings. He is also Co-Chair of the Security Institute’s Counter Terrorism Special Interest Group. He has an extensive career in international counter terrorism.

We made a decision to hold this session over Teams instead of REMO. This is due to a significant percentage of CSyPs being unable to access this platform, and we want to be as inclusive as possible.


19 July, 2022  13:00

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