Remembrance Event

Civil Service Club, 13-16 Great Scotland Yard, London, SW1A 2HJ

Join us for this special charity evening, and listen to inspirational speakers Jaco van Gass (ex Parachute Regiment, now World Champion Para-Cyclist) and Max Arthur (WW1 Historian).

Since the end of World War 1, the battlefield has changed phenomenally in terms of technology, weaponry, equipment, support and understanding. The variety and complexity of the equipment and approaches used are amazing, but this has to be tempered by the same mental challenges and fears our soldiers have always been brave enough to face and the choices they have to make.

At this event, we will hear a fascinating comparison of life in the trenches as described by award-winning historian Max Arthur with excerpts from his “Forgotten Voices of the Great War”, which will be in direct juxtaposition to the picture painted by ex-paratrooper and world champion para-cyclist Jaco van Gass.

Whether we are talking about the use of drones, a better understanding of PTSD, or vitally improved surgery and post-trauma care, our speakers will help us understand just how far-reaching these changes have been, and provide an enthralling comparison of 100 years of conflict.

08 November, 2018  18:30

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