Webinar – The Science Behind Stopping Targeted Attacks


Come and join us for another online CPD webinar, available to Security Institute members and guests.

We are joined by Philip Grindell MSyI from Defuse Global who will provide us with this insightful webinar.

One of the greatest threats that people and organisations face are targeted attacks. The nature of targeted attacks means that they are often pre-meditated, which thankfully provides security professional with the opportunity to disrupt these malicious plans.
The MP Jo Cox was the victim of such an attack.  Philip Grindell was the person brought in to stop another successful attack, which he successfully did along with his team The Parliamentary Liaison and Investigation Team (PLaIT). PLaIT was the Metropolitan Police team threat assessment and investigation that Philip set up to combat the threat posed to UK MPs.

Having researched the best practices of stopping public figure attacks and been privileged to meet with and discuss the theories with the academics’ psychologists who developed them, Philip introduced these to Parliament. In order to ensure that these theories were operational applicable Philip mapped these theories against all the attacks on UK MPs since 2000, and published the evidence in his MSc dissertation titled ‘Targeted Violence Towards British Political Figures – Where should the Security Manager focus?’

Such was the demand for Philip’s expertise, that on his retirement from the Metropolitan Police in November 2019, he launched Defuse, a specialist security consultancy which has combined internationally acclaimed experts to assess, analyse and ‘defuse‘ targeted and communicated threats to high profile people and organisations who want to feel safer.

In this webinar Philip will discuss the research he conducted, and the methodology used to counter targeted attacks.

The concepts discussed will include the following;

  • Hunters & Howlers
  • Pre-attack indicators
  • Linguistic Red Flags
  • Intimacy Effect

You can earn 2 formal CPD points for attending

29 July, 2020  14:00

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