Webinar – Biometrics and the threat to law enforcement


Join us for one of our first webinars of 2021, and kick-off your CPD for the year ahead.

In this webinar, David Burge will be joining us to discuss the findings of his research into Biometrics and Law Enforcement, which was conducted as part of his dissertation for his MSc Information Security from Royal Holloway University. Now working in a US biometrics technology company based out in Malta, David draws on his experience as a former operational law enforcement officer and merchant banking security risk professional.

The research topic looked at the privacy implications to law enforcement officers from ubiquitous biometrics and social media. David will discuss how his research explores the ways in which combining biometrics and social media profiles can harm an undercover operative’s alias, and that this can pose not just cyber or virtual but physical security risks to their personal life by revealing their true identity.

Then linked to this, David’s research also went on to explored the threats to victims and witnesses protected under witness protection programs. During the webinar David will be discussing his findings in detail, and as with all Institute webinars their interactive nature will mean you can ask any questions you may have.

You can earn 2 CPD points for attending this webinar.


27 January, 2021  10:00

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