Webinar – Espionage Threats Today & The Role of TSCM


Come and join us for another online CPD webinar, available to Security Institute members and guests.

We are delighted to have one of our Corporate Partners Esoteric to host this webinar.

Traditional espionage and eavesdropping are as rife today as they ever were. For every high-profile case which makes it into the mainstream media, such as the Barclay brothers dispute over the sale of The Ritz earlier this year, and tales of political espionage originating from Russian and Chinese shores, there are countless others which are unreported.


While cyber attacks and cyber mitigation techniques are arguably well publicised and promoted, traditional eavesdropping threats remain and hybrid threats are emerging and shifting and not least due to Covid-19. When combatting these threats, many agree that a holistic and multi-faceted approach is needed, but what role does TSCM (Technical Surveillance Countermeasures) play? How and when should it be used?


Whether you are new to TSCM, or are keen to hear the latest developments, in this webinar Esoteric Ltd will guide you through:


·         The risk and threat of espionage and eavesdropping, and the impact of Covid-19

·         The role of TSCM in modern security strategy, including how it supports and interacts with other security practices and tools

·         How you know when you absolutely need TSCM, how it is conducted, and what to expect from a TSCM specialist

·         TSCM as a business case

You can earn 2 formal CPD points for attending

07 October, 2020  10:00

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