The Next Generation In Security

A youth engagement programme from the SyI

The ‘Next Generation in Security’ initiative was launched late 2018. The initiative, sometimes referred to as #NextGen, was created to inspire and attract young people to consider a career within the security industry, and with this in mind ‘#NextGen’ is designed to change perceptions about the security industry and to showcase  career options and choices to young people aged 13 to 18 years old.

To date the #NextGen initiative has received extensive industry backing with multiple businesses and organisations stepping up to offer work experience and  support for young people.

The 10-year plan aims to  improve how the sector is perceived by society and the business community to create career pathways, educational opportunities, qualifications and exposure to the range of options available to young people.

Long-term the aim is to improve equality, inclusiveness and diversity in the sector, the gender pay gap, promote lifelong learning through personal and professional professional development.

The launch of the Level 2 Professional Security Operative Apprenticeship will also be advantageous to ongoing development.

If your organisation or you know of an organisation is interested in learning more or getting involved with this initiative, please Info@security-institute.org

Read about our on-going initiatives below:

Secure Futures

The EY Foundation Partnership

In 2021 as part of their #NextGen initiative, the Security Institute partnered with the EY Foundation, a social mobility charity which seeks to break down barriers to employment for less advantaged young people. The Security Institute and the EY Foundation combine their industry experience for the benefit of young people and the security industry at large.

‘Secure Futures’ is a 9-month employability programme, aimed at  16-18-year-olds from low-income backgrounds who are considering a career within the security industry. The programme is specifically designed for the sector and will include relevant skills training, professional mentoring and paid work experience. Experienced security professionals will help co-develop and co-deliver each stage of the programme, ensuring that participants gain the most out of such a wonderful opportunity.

In 2021 a Secure Futures graduate said:

I loved the sessions where different professionals from all backgrounds spoke about their  experience, their success, the challenges they faced and the lessons they learned from it. Their wisdom greatly inspired me and I learnt a lot from it.”

Admiral Lord West of Spithead, the former UK Security Minister, also endorsed the programme stating:

“The Secure Futures programme engages with disadvantaged young people, to provide employability skills, structured insights into the variety of careers across the security sector and nine months of mentoring. The partnership has also developed a ‘National Security Challenge’, to set 300 young people a security dilemma. In teams they pitch their solution, to a panel of security experts, who elect a winner. I am proud to endorse these exciting and innovative programmes, which I believe will benefit the UK security sector”.

To support and get involved in the 2023 programme please email:angela@security-institute.org

Find more info HERE

Visiting Exhibitions and Sector Events

Volunteer Police Cadets (VPC) Partnership

The first roll-out of the #NextGen initiative took place at the International Security Expo in November 2018, where 30 Volunteer Police Cadets aged 16+ received a guided tour of the show and watched various demonstration and spoke to exhibitors about opportunities and the diversity available in the security.

Since then over 100’s of Volunteer Police Cadets have attended  industry’s leading security events such as IFSEC and CTX.  Volunteer Police Cadets have also assisted various events run by The Security Institute, including the Annual Conference and Gala Awards Dinner.

If you you have a few hours to spare each week and interested in working with young people the Volunteer Police Cadet scheme offers the opportunity to engage with your local community, understand the challenges of young people and intergenerational issues and enhance your professional and personal development.

The Security Institute Chief Executive Angela Vernon Lawson said;

“At the end of 2017 I became involved with the Volunteer Police Cadets and finally launched the local unit in 2018 alongside local police officers. Not only did I have the opportunity to influence the decisions made by young people, I could give back to the community, and encourage Cadets to raise funds for various community groups; ageUK, Purple Angel Cafe (Dementia), the Community Police, Remembrance Sunday and much more – seeing a group of teenager engage with the more mature members of the community who are living with Dementia and the laughter they created is priceless”

Interested in finding out more about VPC units in your area? Read here how to get involved.

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