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The Security Institute’s vision is to be recognised as the leading professional body for security; with a mission to inspire, inform and influence professional excellence for the benefit of our members, the security community and wider society. We are committed to providing an exceptional membership experience, with aims to:

  • Promote lifelong learning, professional development and qualification in security
  • Recognise competence through peer review and validation of our members
  • Support networking and the exchange of knowledge, information and best practice
  • Promote standards and ethics and make a valuable contribution to society through innovation
  • Collaborate with government, academic bodies and other organisations to influence policy
  • Enhance the reputation and understanding of the security discipline, providing a powerful unifying voice.

Cyber Essentials PLUS

We are thrilled to announce that we have now been awarded with
our Cyber Essentials PLUS certificate – adding extra levels of assurance
to our members on the security of our systems and the data that we hold.


We are the UK’s largest professional membership body for security professionals, with around 4,500 members to date. Since 2000 we have been working to promote the highest possible standards of integrity and professional competence in the business of security.

Whatever you are looking to achieve in your security career, membership of the Security Institute can help you exceed your goals. Click HERE to read more information on becoming a Security Institute member.

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07.12.22 - Webinar: Bottom up thinking in crowd management

Date: Wednesday 7th December 2022 Time: 10:00am Details: This webinar is for Security Institute Members and guests About this event...  Thinking in a different way: Using bottom up rather than, or as well as , top-down thinking and applying it to crowd management and crowded spaces.  With the advent of the professionalisation of the security industry companies have tended to perceive this as the right time to institute top down thinking. A top-down approach re-engineers a large task into smaller subtasks. However, more recent thinking has a focus on a bottom-up approach where the different fundamental parts are solved first and then these are then combined into a whole program.   Bottom-up thinking works best when people take in and process details in order to arrive at a conclusion. If we take the creation of a barrier plan for a new artist, street event or major transport hub, then experientially we may perceive that it is similar to other contexts and environments. However, by fixing the details through working with the experts a team can provide a new more creative approach. Top-down thinking focusing on the same challenge works by people relating what they see to prior knowledge and experience rather than focusing on the details.   Of course, from this it is clear that in reality you do need both a top down and bottom up approach, but it is the elastic thinking element which is important. Traditionally the leadership team sets the company’s direction and major projects, and everyone else executes the plan. This promotes speed, and consistency but eschews creativity. Bottom-up management is the opposite it allows for ideas about upcoming targets, projects, and vision which emerge from individual contributors within the team. This  creates more space for feedback and discussion.   This is about balance and elasticity and through this webinar we will explore how to remove autocracy and get the team to buy into the vision of the company and of the security industry in general. You can earn 2 CPD points for attending this webinar

07 December, 2022   10:00

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08.12.22 Christmas Social

The Euston Flyer, 83-87 Euston Road, London, NW1 2RA
BOOK HERE Date: Thursday 8th December 2022 Time: 5:00pm-10:00pm Venue: The Euston Flyer, 83-87 Euston Road, London, NW1 2RA About this event... 

If you enjoy meeting your Security Institute friends and colleagues over a festive drink or two - then this is the event for you!

Join us for our last event of 2022 drop in any time from 5:00pm onwards, and stay as long as you can. Everyone is welcome, so please bring along a friend, colleague or partner - The more the merrier! A drinks token will be given to you on arrival to enjoy a festive drink with us. A donation from every ticket sold will go to Breast Cancer Now.   BOOK HERE

08 December, 2022   17:00

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14.12.22 - Webinar: Loan Sharks

Date: Wednesday 14th December 2022 Time: 11:00 am Details: This webinar is for Security Institute Members and guests About this event...  It is estimated that there are currently over 1.1 million people in England currently borrowing off Illegal Money Lenders (more commonly known as loan sharks) and that this is expected to rise to as many as 10 million people within the next 2 years. Payments to loan sharks in England in 2021 amounted to over £750 million. This webinar will enable you to know more about loan sharks, how they operate, the tactics that they use, the effects that they can have on borrowers, their families and communities and to also find out more about a government law enforcement agency called the England Illegal Money Lending Team and how they are combatting the loan shark menace. This talk is designed to raise people’s awareness to the dangers of loan sharks, to talk openly to people about the subject and to know where to report any findings or disclosures. Join us to find out more! You can earn 2 CPD points for attending this webinar  

14 December, 2022   11:00

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January 2023 - ONLINE COURSE: Masterclass - Lifecycle of Events

BOOK HERE Date: Tuesday 24th and 31st January, and 7th February Time: 10 AM - 12 (UK time) Price: SyI Members and CSyPs: £20.00 / Non-Members £25.00

About this event... 

The Security Masterclass: Protective Security Considerations in Publicly Accessible Locations     The aim of the Masterclass is to offer those attending the opportunity to discuss Protective Security Considerations in Publicly Accessible Locations with a range of Subject Matter Experts led by Pete Dalton MSyI. Hosted over three two-hour weekly sessions, this masterclass was designed to minimise disruption to your working day. This series will provide awareness and CPD in a range of areas including:   1.    Considering threats to events 2.    Current CT threats 3.    Threat assessments- Why, how and who? 4.    Conducting vulnerability assessments 5.    Developing an integrated event management team 6.    Developing a Protective Security Concept of Operations 7.    Integrating Safety, Security & Security 8.    Countering Hostile Reconnaissance 9.    Developing a layered security plan 10.  Considering event management & incident response   11.  Applying principles through an immersive case study TTX                Pete Dalton   Pete is an international Protective Security Consultant and former UK Specialist Police Commander; with most of his Police service dedicated to Specialist Operations. Pete was the Head of Department, responsible for the Protection of Royalty & Diplomatic VIPs and Protected Sites. Pete was a Counter Terrorism Security Coordinator and remains as an associate with the College of Policing. Pete has international Law Enforcement and Private Sector command and consultancy experience in incident command, event management, developing complex concepts of operations and all aspects of crowded place planning. Pete has planned & performed key crowded space and counter terrorism command roles at events of national and international significance. He now consults widely across crowded space management, protective security & incident response. Pete is an international instructor with the National Centre for Spectator Sport Safety & Security (NCS4), through the development of the International Sports Safety & Security Training Programme with Interpol Project Stadia. He has delivered training to commanders from 60 Countries. Pete coordinated the 2022 Interpol project to produce a Law Enforcement Guide for managing COVID-19 risk at major crowded space events. Pete has designed and delivered an international Counter Terrorism and Protective Security Awareness course for the Event Sector. This has been delivered on-line, in-person and via TV Broadcast.   He is active in designing and delivering education, presentations and CPD at a range of international events & conferences.   https://www.linkedin.com/in/pete-dalton/ You can earn CPD points for attending BOOK HERE  

24 January, 2023   10:00

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Booking Terms

Unless otherwise stated:

  • Full payment is required before attending an event
  • Provisional bookings are not confirmed until payment is received
  • A full refund is available for cancellations received 10 working days prior to the event
  • Photographs may be taken. Your image may appear on our website and/or be used in marketing material by ourselves and our Event Sponsors
  • Member credit may be used towards ticket prices.

Members are notified of upcoming events through the Institute’s weekly eNews bulletins sent every Friday, and via our social media channels.


The Team

Read more information on the team running operations from remote locations across England and at HQ in Nuneaton, Warwickshire



The Security Institute supports a number of charities throughout the year.

The Institute regularly makes contributions and raises money for the Security Benevolant Fund, which provides financial or other practical support for individuals in the Security Community who cannot pay for urgent medical treatment or have fallen on hard times and need help.

Read more about Security Benevolant Fund and how you can support the charity through fundraising and donations HERE.


Our Sponsors

We have a range of sponsorship opportunities to get involved with through-out the year.

Please email our Engagement Manager Jade Lapper: jade@security-institute.org, for further information.

Our Supporters

The following businesses share the beliefs and ideals of the Security Institute and either formally or informally support the Institute through a variety of activities.

Security Middle East magazine is the oldest and most-widely read publication for the security technology market in the Middle East. This bi-monthly title is read by over 40,000 security end-users, system integrators and distributors across the GCC and the Middle East and has an audited circulation of 14,000. It is the official magazine of the Intersec exhibition and conference in Dubai and has been since its launch in 1994.

You can read the latest from Security Middle East HERE




You can read the latest from Counter Terror Business HERE



You can read the latest from TPSO Magazine HERE

You can read the latest from Security Matters HERE

You can read the latest from Professional Security Magazine HERE

You can read the latest from International Security Journal HERE

You can read the latest from City Security Magazine HERE

Learn more about ASW Bundesverband on their website HERE.

Read more about All Security Events on their website: https://allsecurityevents.com/

In the Press
'UK Security Commonwealth  – A coming of age and ready to move to the next phase' by Andrea Berkoff, City Security magazine

The Security Institute & ITN Productions proudly present

Creating a security culture

The Security Institute and ITN Productions have produced a news and current affairs style programme hosted by national newsreader Natasha Kaplinksy. ‘Creating a Security Culture’ brings to life the vital security sector through compelling interviews, reports and sponsored editorial profiles form leading organisations.

‘Creating a Security Culture’ looks closely at how and what makes us feel safe online, in the workplace and during a day out.


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