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We welcome applications for membership from security personnel who wish to be recognised and respected by their community as Professionals. Our members consider continuous professional development (CPD) to be an essential component of being a Professional.  Whether you are a Security Officer wishing to progress up the ladder or a Manager who needs to learn new skills, The Security Institute will afford you the tools to fulfill your aim.

Our membership is diverse and this is the strength that enables cross sector engagement. Members represent too may disciplines to mention them all but include:

  • Providers of Security goods and Guarding services
  • Corporate security Supervisors, Managers and Directors
  • Security Managers in the public sector
  • Individuals currently serving in the Civil Service, the Police and the Armed Forces
  • Providers of Security education including Trainers and Academics
  • Security Consultants

We also welcome those aspiring to reach management positions, through study and/or personal development, and individuals whose core business is closely aligned to that of a security practitioner. Typically these members are classed as Affiliate.

Our three professional grades of membership are Associate (ASyI)Member (MSyI) and Fellow (FSyI). Each applicant is peer reviewed by our Validation board and offered the qualifying membership grade. Higher grades can be achieved over time, through professional development; both vocational and academic.

Please note – membership applies to the person, not the organisation.

Joining the Security Institute


Membership of the Security Institute gives credibility, enhances career prospects, provides a network of excellent contacts, offers continual professional development and a wide range of networking opportunities.

The Security Institute aims to educate, campaign, and promote professionalism for its members, and protect society through excellent security delivery.


Please provide us with your CV below, this will allow our membership team to advise on the best membership route to go down.

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