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Our Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are at the centre of our efforts to promote knowledge sharing and thought leadership within the security community. They are at the core of our organisation and play a fundamental role in the contributions the Security Institute makes across government and wider industry as well as providing plenty of shared learning opportunities for personal and professional development. Our SIGs are there for the benefit of all our members, so please get involved.

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Business Continuity, Emergency Planning, Crisis Management, & Resilience (BECRes)

The BECRes SIG consists of four core streams covering; Business Continuity, Emergency Planning, Crisis Management and Resilience

The main aim is educating those involved with the development and provision of each service and how they differ and yet compliment each other to raise and improve awareness and knowledge within the security arena and evidence how; Business Continuity, Emergency Planning, Crisis Management and Resilience support security and vice versa.



Rod Stobie MSyI

Alan Cain FSyI


Sponsoring Director:

Peter Lavery FSyI

Built Environment (BESIG)

The Built Environment Security Special Interest Group brings together security professionals and built environment stakeholders to improve security outcomes in the built environment, raise professional standards and in doing so, create new opportunities for security professionals through greater market demand for secure buildings, infrastructure and public spaces.



Gareth Hulmes CSyP MSyI

Mark Tucknutt MSyI

Counter Terrorism (CT SIG)

The principle aim of the Counter Terror Special Interest Group is to share information and best practice in the field of Counter Terrorism for the benefit of all members of the Security Institute and associated partners defined by the Security Institute.



Steven McGrath MSyI

Andrew Donaldson MSyI


Sponsoring Director:

Jonathan Schulten FSyI

Cyber Security & Convergence (CCSIG)

The Cyber Security & Convergance Special Interest Group aims to provide information and promote development of cyber security and its convergence with other aspects of security to the benefit of the Security Institute, its membership and/or society.



Kevin Duffey


Sponsoring Director:

Mahbubul Islam CSyP MSyI

Fraud Prevention

The aim of the Fraud Prevention Special Interest Group is to promote the convergence between ‘traditional’ security functions and the counter fraud function within organisations in order to improve fraud and security risk management. As well as raise awareness and to increase knowledge and expertise of the fraud risks and counter fraud processes within the Security Institute.



Tony Maher MSyI


Frontline Operators (FLO SIG)


Rollo Davies MSyI

Karol Doherty MSyI


Sponsoring Director:

John Sephton FSyI

Heritage & Faith

The Heritage & Faith Special Interest Group aims to bring together security professionals and stakeholders from the H&F environment; to improve security outcomes in this area and raise professional standards. The SIG will endeavour to create new opportunities for security professionals, through increased understanding of the sector, whilst providing stakeholders with security sector specialists who have the ability and professional standard to support security operational standard of the stakeholder’s environment.



Stephen Meek MSyI

Jonathan Brady


Inclusive Security SIG

The Inclusive Security Special Interest Group aims to explore and understand how engagement with all groups of society will pave the way to innovation and how inclusive security could lead to enhanced practises in the broader field of security. The group will foster a variety of perspectives, for increased productivity, creativity and growth of the talent pool.



Anna-Liisa Tampuu ASyI

Lisa Reilly MSyI


Sponsoring Director:

Paul Barnard CSyP MSyI

Insider Risk

The aim of the Insider Risk Special Interest Group is raise awareness regarding the issue of Insider Risk Mitigation and Personnel Security across the entire membership of the Security Institute. It additionally aims to develop a partnership approach to the management of Insider Risk through engagement and collaboration with other relevant professional bodies, relevant government departments, and the wider public and private sectors.



David BaMaung CSyP FSyI

Ian Crossley MSyI


Sponsoring Director:

Sarah Austerberry CSyP FSyI

New and Emerging Security Technologies (NEST SIG)

The NEST SIG aim is to share knowledge and ideas around new and emerging technology particularly where it would benefit Security Institute Members and support, in general, the wider security community



Glen Higson

Mark Rees MSyI

Nuclear and Radiological Security (NRS SIG)

The aim of the Nuclear Security SIG is to bring together nuclear security professionals, radiological protection specialists and associated stakeholders to improve security outcomes in the nuclear/radiological environment and raise professional standards.



John Gribbin MSyI

Scott Anderson MSyI




Protest & Activism

Protest and activism within the UK, if not the rest of the world, continues to grow. Protest and activism can attract disruptive, intimidatory, unlawful and at times violent behaviour. These acts have the potential to harm people, assets and business reputation. In addition, inappropriate response to protest by a security representative could bring reputational damage to the wider security industry.



Ray Fellows CSyP FSyI

Kenneth MacLeod MSyI


Sponsoring Director:

Carl Dakin CSyP FyI

Security, Education, Accreditation, Training & Standards (SEATS)

The purpose of the SEATS SIG is to contribute towards future educational and vocational development, update existing standards and develop new standards which align working practices and skills with industry requirements. This supports the Institute’s aim to promote lifelong learning, professional development and qualification in security; Promote standards and ethics and make a valuable contribution to society through innovation; Collaborate with government, academic bodies and other organisations to influence policy.



David Brook MSyI

Tracey Lilley MSyI


Sponsoring Director:

Rob Kennedy CSyP FSyI

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Simon Jamieson

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