Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The Security Institute is committed to raising standards and encourages members  to consider how they can personally continue to develop their skills, and knowledge for an evolving industry, to help and support others. The Institutes Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Toolkit assists to keep an accurate record of activity, track participation and evidence ongoing learning. It provides employers or professional bodies with evidence of CPD, providing participants with a competitive edge, confidence and competence.

The challenge is to achieve a minimum of 36 points per year by essential to upgrade from Member (MSyI) to Fellow (FSyI) – CPD must be recorded for two consecutive years.

As a Fellow (FSyI) it is expected that CPD will be achieved annually, otherwise ‘Fellow’ status will be withdrawn.

Annual CPD is compulsory for all Chartered Security Professionals (CSyP).

The CPD Toolkit helps to plan development activity and track achievements to reach 36points year on year.

The CPD Toolkit is updated and published each year, it is a self-administered process and anyone is welcome to use the toolkit (Members and non-members) in order to adopt a structured approach to record annual professional development.

CPD Downloads

Everything you need to get started with CPD is in the Toolkit and there is no need to register – just download the Toolkit by clicking the link below, read the “Getting Started” tab and start recording your learning.



Event and Webinar CPD Certificates

Do you require a CPD certificate for one of our events or webinars? If you have attended one of our events, or re-watched a recording of a webinar online. Please contact events@security-institute.org and we can send you a digital certificate for your records.

Why is CPD Important?

Taking a structured approach to your professional development will help you:

  • Keep pace with changes in the Security Sector
  • Achieve recognition
  • Identify your competencies
  • Become more employable
  • Motivate yourself to improve your skills
  • Achieve your goals and progress in your career


What counts as a CPD Activity?

Virtually anything you do that results in you learning more about security and/or management will count for the CPD scheme. Activity may benefit personal and or professional development and what works for you will inevitably be different to other members.

We understand the varied activities undertaken by everyone, and therefore recognise, a diverse range of activity – lots of ideas of what counts as CPD can be found in the Activity Table provided  in the Toolkit.


The CPD Scheme cycle runs from 1st January to 31st December each year (pro-rata for those joining the scheme part way through the year). At the end of the year, if you submit your CPD Toolkit with 36 points or more listed, once it has been verified you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Each year you start a new spreadsheet designed specially for that year, and record 36 points worth of CPD activity – whatever works best for you. CPD Activity must relate to the development of security and/or management proficiency, and expand and update your knowledge in these areas.

The new Toolkits are launched in Q2 each year once the previous year’s system audit has been completed.

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