The Membership Matters Advisory Group

The overall objective of the Membership Matters Advisory Group (MMAG) is to provide a focus for membership services and to facilitate liaison between key Directors having member services related responsibilities.

MMAG members are representatives of the regions, corporate bodies, Young Members Group and those Directors with portfolios that pertain to specific membership matters.

On average, the MMAG meets via teleconferencing services every eight weeks.

As part of the view, the MMAG is involved from the Validation process to retired members and for actively engaging in career, Continuous Professional Development (CPD), members Regional communications, Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and mentoring services either requested or offered by a wide variety of individuals or organisations.

The MMAG benefits from a dedicated Headquarters resource to support and coordinate communications; the mentoring scheme; the CPD programme; Special Interest Groups; support to regional activities; support to international initiatives/colleagues; contact with the membership, group members, the HQ team and the Board of Directors.

The MMAG will also engage with carrying out regular member’s surveys in order to identify membership demographics, sector interests and needs. The valuable results will serve with providing input to Directors’ work streams and more specifically with assisting in driving the Institute Strategy.

How do I become a member of the MMAG?

Any member of the Institute may apply to be involved in MMAG activities.

Meeting participation is CPD earning for the individual member.

Volunteer members will be required to:

  • Attend a minimum of three meetings per year either in person or via provided remote conference facilities;
  • Be prepared to commit time to committee work estimated at no more than one hour per month;
  • Do pre/post meeting readings and contribute to committee documents for matters arising;
  • For regional representatives acting as a facilitator with their region’s colleagues to assist with intended Institute activities or information exchanges (with assistance from the chair) and communicate regional matters to the MMAG;
  • For corporate and specific group representatives, facilitate communications within their group membership and ensure representation of views and opportunities for membership enhancement.

To be inclusive, the meetings are remote with face-to-face with when possible. Offers of venue availability will be gratefully accepted from the membership who can offer suitable facilities such as internet link and/or conference call facility for a two hour period.

If you are interested in learning more about joining the MMAG, please contact Isam at the Security Institute HQ via email: Isam@security-institute.org


John Sephton FSyI

Becky Bills



Alan Cotter FSyI

Angela Vernon-Lawson CSyP FSyI

Anna-Liisa Tampuu ASyI

Ben Neate MSyI

Boguslawa Motylska MSyI

Brent Payne MSyI

Carl Meason MSyI

Daniel McClendon MSyI

David BaMaung CSyP FSyI

Dominic Chandler MSyI

Greg Hill ASyI

Ian Carter FSyI

Jade Lapper – Marketing & PR Manager

James Bore CSyP MSyI

Karol Doherty MSyI

Ken Withers MSyI

Madeleine Farrell MSyI

Mark Chapple MSyI

Neil Emery MSyI

Nick Reed FSyI

Paul Painter MSyI

Paul Whitton MSyI

Peter Page CSyP FSyI

Richard Stones CSyP FSyI

Rod Stobie MSyI

Ross Bale MSyI

Shane Green MSyI

Sian Doherty MSyI

Stephen Meek MSyI

Tom Colman ASyI

Tony Willis ASyI



Tony Aston FSyI – VB Chair



James Morris CSyP FSyI – South West Region

Joe Rutlidge MSyI – North West Region



Luuk Niewenhuijze – Co-Chair

Oliver Lacey – Co-Chair



Henrik Midskov MSyI

Kwaku Coker ASyI

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