The Validation Board

The Institute’s validation process has been developed by industry professionals from a range of security backgrounds to independently recognise and benchmark your security experience, qualifications, training and professional commitment.

It is an evolving process which is constantly reviewed and updated to ensure it reflects today’s security profession.

The validation process is completed anonymously; this means  even if an applicant is known to members of the Validation Board, it is only possible to award membership grades based on the information and supporting evidence submitted as part of the application.

The guardians of the validation process are known as the Validation Board. This is a voluntary team of 40 security professionals representing a wide range of sectors in the profession and all grades of membership within the Institute. On a regular basis between 10 – 14 members will attend the monthly Validation Board meeting to review all applications and recommend grades for approval by the Board of Directors.

VB members are appointed by invitation of the VB Chairman. There is no maximum number however it is important that sufficient members are available from across a range of disciplines at each VB meeting throughout the year.

The list of current VB members is provided below and if you are interested in finding out more about being a member of the Validation Board, please contact our Membership Registrar, Paula Stanbridge via: paula@security-institute.org or call on (01803) 663275.

Validation Board Members

Tony Aston Peter Jones John Prescott
Rick Billingsley Chris Kemp John Price
Jordan Bryant Peter Lavery Nick Reader
Martin Carlon Mike Lees Nicolas Reed
Ivor Cook Matt Loveday Joe Rutlidge
Alan Cotter Mike Maguire Jonathan Schulten
Will Dakin Steve Massey Matthew Seel
Nick Davies Guy Mathias John Sephton
Judy Dunster Dave Matthews Dale Simpson
Hayley Elvins Julia McClelland Sean Spence
Nick Evans Daniel McClendon Richard Strudwick
Marlon Findlay Brendan McGarrity Robert Tait
Andrew Fort Stuart Nash Darrin Tomkins
Peter French Ben Neate Chas Treasure
Mariella Gallo Bill Nelson Mark Vasey
Lloyd Gardner Sam Nicholls Julian Veal
Jonathan Gigg Richard Oliver Iain Watt
Stuart Grainger-Smith Joseph Ozen Stuart Williams
Stephen Hudson Peter Page Richard Woolford
Mike Hurst

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