Accredited Security Management Qualifications

The Security Institute is the largest association in the UK for security professionals and offers news, networking, events and unique validation of experience
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We promote and encourage continued professional development through education. In collaboration with the Institute’s education partner, PerpetuityARC, we offer an award winning accredited eLearning pathway from Level 3 through to Level 7 for those wishing to enhance their professional security management skills.
PerpetuityARC is at the forefront of security management training provision in the UK and has a unique background in security research and education.

PerpetuityARC’s trainers and management team are all highly qualified and recognised experts in their fields. Our eLearning courses are recognised throughout the industry and offer you the opportunity to study at a time and place of your choice as you continue in your career. Each qualification is accredited through internationally recognised awarding bodies.

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The Security Institute Advanced Certificate in Security Management

BTEC Level 3 Advanced Certificate

Duration……………………… 6 Months

This course provides learners with an introduction to key ideas, techniques and issues central to professional security management. Learners will gain an understanding of policy, best practice and legislation associated with security management principles, including health and safety, asset protection and information security.

From discussing the formation of risk, to analysing potential causes and prevention of crime, this course is a must for supervisors or those seeking to make that move. The course comprises six modules, three of which are mandatory and three chosen from elective modules.

Core Modules

  • Introduction to Security Management
  • Security Department Management
  • Information Security

Elective Modules

  • Health & Safety
  • Retail Security
  •  Strategic Security Physical Security
  • Terrorism Awareness & Management
  • Risk, Crisis & Disaster Management


The Security Institute Diploma in Security Management

BTEC Level 5

This course provides learners with a broad understanding of how security theory works with best practice to form successful security initiatives in the workplace. It enables learners to explore a host of theoretically founded concepts, from their own ideas and experiences to scenarios related to the workplace, identifying issues and understanding ideas about the risks, to causes and prevention of crime.

This course is designed for those practitioners who have experience in Security Management and now wish to achieve professional recognition and gain an accredited security qualification, suitable for positions at middle and senior management levels.

Core Modules

  • Understanding Security
  • Threats to Security
  • Risk Management
  • The Legal System
  • Management

Eligibility Criteria

The course is open to all those who operate within the private and public security sectors and have: a minimum of 3 years security management experience or 3 years in the armed forces in a supervisory role or have successfully completed the Security Institute Advanced Certificate in Security Management.


The Security Institute Advanced Diploma in Security Management

Level 7 (QNUK Endorsed)

Set at Masters Level, this online course provides learners with the opportunity to research, analyse and explore a specialist area of their own choosing within the security  management sector. It covers core theory with accompanying methodologies and equips learners with the skills to think critically – a much sought after skill for today’s security professional.

From looking at core texts with a critical-eye, to extracting theory from best practice through to developing specialist knowledge in a niche area, this online course takes the study of Security Management to a very advanced level.

Core Modules

  • Critical Thinking & Critical Writing Skills
  • Research Methods & Project Proposals
  • Conducting Research & Projects

Eligibility Criteria

The course is open to all those who operate within the private and public security sectors and typically meet one of the following criteria: completion of the Security Institute Diploma, and 5 years experience working in security management or a related management field, or a security related degree and 7 years experience of working within the security sector, or a non-security related degree plus 10 years experience working in security management or a related field.


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