Why certify to SABRE?

SABRE is based on the accepted international principles of risk management and presents security achievements in a way that business can understand and associate with.

Backed up by 3rd party certification, SABRE provides a robust method of measuring, comparing, and improving performance that people can trust.

Certification to the SABRE standard (to any SABRE Rating) also unlocks additional credits in both BREEAM UK New Construction and BREEAM In-Use, increasing the benefits to those who value security and environmental performance.

A common framework

The SABRE framework is aligned to the risk management process central to ISO 31000, and is easy to follow. It guides the user through thematic areas; each of which contributes to a successful security outcome.

Within the framework are ‘minimum standards’, meaning that (no matter what level of certification is achieved) the activities critical to meaningful risk management have been undertaken.

Return on Investment

The robustness of the SABRE process helps direct users towards strategies and solutions which are appropriate, proportionate and value for money.

This leads to benefits aimed at improving assurance, optimisation, efficiency, and desirability of well-designed and well-managed assets.

Certification & Ratings

SABRE adopts a simple star-based rating system to indicate how far a facility exceeds average performance:

Get certified

The journey to certification is simple. Register your facility using our application form today or contact a Registered Assessor to guide you through the registration process.

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