SABRE (Security Assurance by BRE)

SABRE is a security risk management certification standard that can be used to assess new and existing buildings, infrastructure and managed space during design, construction, and operations.

SABRE enables organisations to achieve better security outcomes and return on investment, evidence their commitment, and communicate their ability to protect what is important. This provides assurance to stakeholders, aids regulatory compliance, and supports successful wellness and ESG (Environment, Social & Governance) strategies.

Independent SABRE assessment leads to third-party certification awarded by BRE Global Limited, owners of the BREEAM and LPCB range of standards.

SABRE certified facilities and projects are found at www.redbooklive.com, BRE Global’s official directory of fire and security listings.

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Understanding certification

SABRE assessment covers several aspects of your approach to risk management, namely context, risks, strategy, design, and management.

Learn more about the certification process and how to get started today.


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Join our mission to make the built environment safer and more secure for all.

Only SABRE Licensed Companies and their Registered Assessors may conduct SABRE assessments, whilst Registered Professionals are recognised for their knowledge and understanding of key security activities.



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