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 Security & Policing    Welcome
 15-17 March 2022

 Your                  Contents                        Welcome to the first edition of the Institute Quarterly
                                                        Note from the Editor

 information                                                                   4  Magazine for 2022, and firstly, I wanted to say a personal
                     Know your Institute
                                                       “hello” to our members, as this is the first time I have
                                                       addressed this particular section of the magazine in some
 and         Know your Institutes                               18             20  time. This is due to the recent departure of Ben Harding,
                         Our Membership
                                                       Marketing and PR Officer, who has left his post at the Security
                                                       Institute to go on to pastures new. Of course, we will really
                                                       miss Ben and his contribution to the Security Institute and the
                         Corporate Social Responsibility
 conversations         Know your Institutes                                                 24  wider security sector.
                                                       2022 has already gotten off to a fantastic start, the HQ team
        Know your Institutes                                                 26
                     Education & Learning
 protected         Know your Institutes                                                 34  have successfully moved offices (for the 3rd time) into our
                                                       more permanent, larger office at Mira Technology Park,
                                                       meaning there is further room for the ever growing team. We
                      Security Community
                                                       have also already held some really successful events to start
                                                       the year off, including two member ‘Meet and Greet’ events
                                                       in both Leicester and London, a Fellows Lunch and Learn
        Know your Institutes                                                 40  and a Members Lunch, also held in London. On top of this
                      Our Corporate Partners
                                                       we have had some really successful webinars in collaboration
                                                       with our Corporate Partners TrackTik, marketing expert
        Know your Institutes                                                 44  Shivanshi Sharma, Salt Communications and more recently
                         Cyber Updates
                                                       with Corporate Partner Axien Security who joined forces
                                                       with The Community Safety Accreditation. A full overview of
 Your TSCM & Counter-Espionage Experts.         Know your Institutes                                                 48  our previous CPD webinars can be found further into the
                  Chartered Security Professionals
                                                       magazine. (P16-P17).

        Know your Institutes                                                 54  Speaking of CPD, back in November 2021, I took on the
 At Esoteric, we understand the espionage threat and the risk to your business. We have over 20                    Upcoming Events  additional role of CPD administrator following the retirement
 years of experience in TSCM and holistic, layered assurance.   of Di Thomas Hon FSyI, and I am pleased to say that we have
                                                       had one of the most successful years of CPD submissions to
 Our approach is to take the time to listen to your concerns, understand the risk profile and   date, with a total of 534 submissions received for 2021. Whilst
 recommend proportionate and value-adding countermeasures.  the 2021 CPD toolkit is now closed, I am pleased to also say
                                                       that we have now launched the 2022 CPD toolkit, which is now
    If you’re attending the Security & Policing Home Office event on 15-17 March   available on the website and on the mobile app.
 2022, come and meet us at Stand A71.
                                                       We have lots coming up over the next few months including
                                                       our first ever CSyP Seminar with Lunch on the 10th March,
 Use the QR code to view our online profile, or to pre-book a meeting.
                                                       our Annual General Meeting on the 28th April, our first
                                                       regional CPD event of 2022 which is being held in Bristol
                                                       in collaboration with Motorola, our ‘Protecting People in

                                                       Crowded Places Conference’ at the London Stadium (in
                                                       conjunction with the anticipated launch of The Protecting
                                                       People in Crowded Places SIG) and much more – details of
 Want to find out more about Esoteric and how we can protect   which can be found on P54-P55.
 your business?   The Institute Quarterly is published 4
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