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Know   your  Institute
  Know your Institute

 The IS SIG milestones
  The IS SIG milestones   The IS SIG was fundamental in creating a safe and brave space for the creation of The Rainbow
                    Group in 2021. The Rainbow LGBTQ+ Group was launched to support professionals and help
                    create a security industry that is reflective of the wider community it protects. The Rainbow
 Diversity & Inclusion Survey   Group has since embarked on the journey of success and is aiming to establish a network
                    throughout the UK (and eventually globally) for the community and its allies.
 Analysis Publication and   One of the IS SIG’s priority tasks was to conduct a survey to provide a benchmark for diversity

                    in the SI and across the security sector. The group recognised that the lack of existing data
 beyond             makes it difficult to identify areas for improvement as well as the need for an evidence base
                    to tackle the current status quo. Thus, in 2021, the IS SIG launched an Inclusivity and Diversity
                    questionnaire, aiming to understand the security sector’s workforce in greater detail. After
                    receiving over 500 responses from Security Institute members, the questionnaire was opened
 - By Anna-Liisa Tampuu & Lisa Reilly, Co-chairs of the IS SIG   to the wider sector.

 The 30th July 2020 marked the launch event of the Inclusive Security Special   In 2022, the survey results were analysed and in November 2022, the Security Institute
 Interest Group (IS SIG). The weight of the pandemic and restrictions highlighted   Diversity & Inclusion Survey Analysis was completed by David Clamp. In summary, the survey
 the importance of safe and supportive spaces with the added complexity of social   respondents were 78% Male, 63% aged 45 or over and 83% were white. 88% identified as
 distancing and fear over what the future might hold. Launching the IS SIG was a   heterosexual and 12% identified with a disability.
 great first step to bringing people together, even if it had to begin online. It was
 also a vital step in the journey of building a new community that helps create   The survey showed that the biggest variation between representation within the security sector,
 positive change and brings hope during such challenging times.  in comparison to the general population, is gender, with only 22% female respondents. Women
                    in particular face barriers getting into the sector and then, once within it, progressing.
 The IS SIG set itself ambitious goals, from arranging and facilitating specialist
 activities, meetings, and visits relating to work around diversity in security. The   The survey analysis also highlighted that there were fewer respondents with disabilities than
 IS SIG advocates for diversity of ideas, variety of perspectives and growth of the   might be expected. Of those that did identify with disabilities, many stated they had not received
 talent pool in the security industry to foster innovation.   the support they need, particularly those identifying with dyslexia.

 The group also aims to understand how the Security Institute can build an   The publication of the survey analysis is an important milestone, and although the first survey
 inclusive programme which encourages participation from all members of society   had its limitations, it was a crucial step in gathering such important data about the sector. As
 and has conducted research with Institute Membership to understand its current   David Clamp writes in the executive summary: “The report examines some of the underlying
 diversity and how to improve the involvement of different groups in its work.  factors that have led to the current context. It also notes growing views within the sector that
                    to develop and thrive, the sector needs to recognise that profitability and diversity are not only
 Although the group had aspiring goals, it was aware of the challenges associated   compatible; but that a diverse workforce will make the sector more profitable.” In collaboration
 with setting achievable objectives, that would see practical action taken when the   and to mark this milestone, Yolanda Hamblen for IFPO launched a series of interviews with
 road ahead is long and unclear. In 2020 the movement of DE&I initiatives in the   David Clamp around the report.
 security sector was only just gaining momentum.
                    Finally, collaboration within the sector around DE&I was identified as a gap by the IS SIG. Since
 In the two and half years since it formed the IS SIG has held monthly meetings,   initiation by the IS SIG, several virtual roundtable meetings with other relevant groups in the
 written several articles, presented at different conferences and organised a series   sector were held in 2022 to listen and learn from others, and to understand how groups can
 of Thought Leadership webinars on the topics of ‘Starting Out’; ‘Covid Security;   work together for maximum impact for driving DE&I initiatives. These will continue in 2023.
 Ethnicity and Gender’; ‘Staff Diversity’; ‘Wellbeing and Safe Spaces’; ‘International
 Women’s Day: Embracing Your Whole Self’; ‘Improving international negotiation   The IS SIG is currently reviewing the foundational years and is shaping its course for the 2023
 through cultural intelligence’ and many more.   and beyond.

 It was recognised that one hindering factor towards diversity is the current   With many important milestones accomplished, one of the most important has been bringing
 perceived homogeneity of the security sector and the lack of diverse role models.   people together to support each other during the challenging times of the covid-19 pandemic.
 To counter this the group launched the #OurSecurity Campaign to show the   The IS SIG demonstrates that caring about people is a fundamental cornerstone to creating an
 different career journeys of the Security Institute’s members through their   innovative sector that looks after its talent. And at its core, this is where the IS SIG began.
 personal narratives. The campaign aimed to spotlight various stories from a wide
 range of backgrounds in order to show that security can be a career of choice   Announcement: The IS SIG is looking for an enthusiastic co-chair to help carry on the work in
 without needing a particular route and that everyone brings their own unique   order to take the group forward in the next phase. Please email the Security Institute if you
 story.             are interested in the position.

                    The Security Institute Diversity & Inclusion Survey Analysis is available HERE!
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