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Know   your  Institute
  Know your Institute

 The role of standards   As security professionals, standards and ethics are both
     key to enabling effective security risk management of
     the organisations we work for.  “The main aim of security
     is to try and protect users from people who want to hurt
     or rob them through our systems…this seems to imply
 and ethics in business  security is an aspect of ethics” Anne Currie, the Ethics
     of Security 2018. At an individual level it might be about
     defining our own roles and behaviours, an example
     of which might be a code of ethics for security guards
     focusing on values and principles.
 - By Sarah Austerberry CSyP FSyI, Security Institute Director
     The role of ethics is essentially about building
     trust, again with our employees and members, our
 What should public bodies, not for profit organisations and commercial business, whether sole traders or   stakeholders and the public. Transparency in our
 global corporations employing thousands, have in common? I would suggest it should be standards and   decision making – which is not about taking the easy
 ethics.  option but taking the right option even though that may
     raise some challenges.
 Standards should be the definitions, the written guidance that set out how we run, or expect our businesses
 to be run. In some cases, there will be international or national codes of practice recommended, or   As members and prospective members of the Security
 legally required, others might be more informal but equally important. Standards help shape the way our   Institute, we are duty bound by a code of ethics, “It is a
 businesses might be run, shaping the expectations of our customers, members, and stakeholders. Without   condition of membership that all members, and those
 standards we cannot effectively measure our success.   applying for membership, observe the highest standards
     of professional and ethical conduct”. As board directors
 Security is full of standards, whether they be technical specifications for security equipment to meet a   we are also bound by  associated legal duties which are
 specific standard, a code of practice for protective monitoring systems, or an agreed process such as the   known as the seven duties: namely we must consider
 government baseline personnel security standard (BPSS) for pre-employment screening of individuals   the:
 working with government assets and widely adopted in the private sector.

 Essentially, the role of standards should be about building confidence – for both employees, members,   •  Consequences of decisions, including the long-term
 stakeholders, the public who interact with us that we are doing our jobs in the right way, following due   interests of its employees
 process and procedures. Operating in a safe and secure way.  •  need to support business relationships with
        suppliers, customers and others
 Standards provide the framework or mechanism for business delivery, but equally important is ethics, which   •  impact of its operations on the community and
 is far less tangible as its about our decision making and behaviours, to be compliant or not, to take short cuts   environment
 or not, to withhold pertinent information that may negatively influence a business decision or not. It’s the   •  company’s reputation for high standards of business
 moral code of practice that enhances the de facto rules and regulations of a business.  conduct
     •  need to act fairly to all members of the company

     We recognise the importance of standards and ethics as
     being central to good business. This is why the Security
     Institute and its Board of Directors have been reviewing
     our own standards in terms of governance and ethics
     to ensure that as an organisation we are match fit for
     now and the future. That we have the right policies
     and processes in place to respond to new risks and
     new opportunities, and that our code of ethics remains

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