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 COMMUNITY FOR 50 YEARS                                 Note from the Editor

 16-18 MAY 2023 | EXCEL LONDON                          Even though it feels like we are well into 2023, welcome to the
                                                        first edition of the Institute Quarterly for this year, and what an
                                                                  4  exciting year we have lined up.
                      Know your Institute
 Fueling security leaders with the                            18             22            18  Of course, firstly on the 18th April we are kicking off the year of

 expertise and innovation to keep                            Our Membership   events we have lined up with our Annual General Meeting in the
                                                        day, and following onto our Gala Awards Dinner in the evening. It
 people and assets safe         Know your Institutes                                                 26  is the first time, in my time at the Institute, that we are combining
                                                        two flagship events into one date.
                           Corporate Social Responsibility
                                                        We have decided to do this for two reasons, firstly for the
 Connect face-to-face with the                                   30  convenience of the members travelling into the city, thus by
 entire security supply chain                        Education & Learning                                                    combining the two events, it will only be one date out of the
                                                        calendar year rather than two. Secondly, as highlighted with the
 and network with global                                reduction in ticket price at the Annual Conference, we have taken
 security companies across                   36                                    34  the cost of living crisis and member feedback on board in regards
                      Security Community
                                                        to the costs of travel, accommodation and other contributors that
 access control, video                                  makes attending events less financially accessible.
 surveillance, perimeter           Know your Institutes                                                 38  We have some new exciting award categories available for this
                       Our Corporate Partners
 protection, cyber security                             year too, so this has taken our total number of awards up to ten.

 and more.         Know your Institutes                                                 44  The ten awards consist of:
                           Cyber Updates
                                                        •   ‘Outstanding Contribution to Security Award’ in memory of
                                                            George van Schalkwyk
        Know your Institutes                                                 48  •   The Security Institute Award In Memory of ‘Odette Hallowes’,
                   Chartered Security Professionals
                                                            ‘Institute Learner of the Year Award’ in memory of John Aplin
                                                        •    ‘Academic Achiever of the Year Award’ in memory of Wilf
 The best exhibition for networking          Know your Institutes                                                 58  •   President’s Award for an Outstanding Young Professional’,
                  Upcoming Events
 with professionals in the field, due                   •   ‘International Achiever of the Year Award’, ‘
 to its privileged location. Add the                    •   Volunteer of the Year Award’
                                                            The EDI Initiative of the Year Award
 chance to observe the trends and                       •   Security Innovation or Product of the Year Award
 novelties in the security field, and                   •   ‘#NextGen Star Award’
 then a prospective visit becomes
 worthwhile.                                            On 11th July 2023, we also have our Fellows and Young Members
                                                        Group Lunch and Learn taking place in London. This is the first
 Advancis Software and Services                         of this type of event! Join us on the 11th July for this collaboration
                                                        between Fellows (FSyI), and Young Members (under 35 year olds)
                                                        of the Institute to share thought leadership. This event will see
                                                        two very different membership peer groups come together to
                                                        share comparisons, ideas and concepts in regards to topics such
                                                        as professionalisation of the industry, and increasing the career
                                                        pathways for Young Professionals...As well as much more!

                                                        Also, keep an eye out for our first Members Lunch of the year
                                                        which bookings will be opening soon for the beginning of May!
           The Institute Quarterly is published 4
           times a year.                                I hope you enjoy reading this edition!
           For enquiries please contact:
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