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Know your Institute
  Know   your   Institute

     October 26th is the Annual Conference with is            The impact of the global COVID pandemic was
 What does 2023 hold??  currently in development.             catastrophe for many. Communities were unprepared
                                                              for the increase in domestic abuse or violence. The
                                                              cycle of abuse was no longer a private issue, reports
     November 2nd we will be at the Twenty23 event at
     Heathrow and at the NAHS Conference in Birmingham        increased daily, and I witnessed the fallout as a
     between the 22nd-23rd.
 By Angela Vernon-Lawson CSyP FSyI  We are also developing our regional calendar,   In 2013, Sarah Silcox reported Domestic Abuse cost
     webinars and pop-up drop in’s where you can come         businesses 1.9 billion per year, four years later in 2017
     along and meet the team and other members. Invites       UK Government reported the social and economic cost
     to join the Institute table at some in credible events   to England and Wales had risen to an astounding £66
     will also be distributed.                                billion. I am currently collating the latest information
 As 2023 gathers momentum we have been working hard behind the scenes   and it will be available soon. The fallout for businesses is
 to revamp many areas, to ensure we can service the membership and reduce   The Institute is also incredibly proud to champion   significant. Not only in lost time, but not understanding
 costs of our in-person events by lower ticket prices. This was one key area   The Secure Futures EY Foundation, the Consortium   what to do. For many it is such a private matter but
 the Membership Matters Advisory Group (MMAG) requested and has been   for the Prevention of Suicide and of course Violence   making it known that help is available is often the first
 actioned, first at the Annual Conference, and for the Gala Awards Dinner 18th   Against Women and Girls (VAWG), which is very close   step.
 April 2023. We are also reviewing the website to provide our members and   to my heart, and it is shameful this is a 21st century
 would members with a refreshed, updated easier to navigate ‘shop window’,   problem.  Towards the end of April 2021 many welcomed the
 alongside this the app is also being updated to improve connectivity for   Domestic Abuse Act 2021 because it offered hope
 members. The administration for members CPD will be much smoother for   ‘Violence – behaviour involving physical force intended   to those being abused, as reporting would be taken
 2023. Earlier in the year we worked with DMG Events to be their CPD partner   to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something.’  seriously and perpetrators would be dealt with. Yet
 for the World Police Summit in Dubai (7-9th March).          only weeks before the Act became a legal entity Sarah
     There is no avoiding the intent, the aim of committing   Everard was brutally attacked. Her assailant being

 The request for a mentor is also on the increase, so if you have time to give   harm, the ferociousness of an unrestrained act of   a police officer. A figure we should trust. A capable
 someone support be it personal or professional, please do join our mentorship programme, its invaluable for   violence. We can ask why and who commits such acts,   guardian to defend us when we are in trouble; this
 both parties.  and the answer does not change; anyone regardless   incident resulted in national outrage and the brutality
 We have seen great work and influence from some of our Special Interest Groups (SIGs), specifically Inclusive   of status, wealth, education, culture, or religion.   of the attack was, and remains incomprehensible
 SIG and the CT SIG. Some SIGs require a chair or co-chair so please do put yourself forward to be involved   Such atrocities often start with coercive, intimidating   but in many ways it became the springboard for the
 and drive forward research and articles to share with our members and the wider industry.  behaviour. Behaviours intended to control, to belittle,   national launch of the prevention of Violence Against
     to create doubt; often followed by physical abuse; a     Women and Girls. With this we have seen the launch
 The Corporate Partner Network has been revamped alongside our annual sponsorship packages to improve   full force punch to the face, stomach, or head. That   of numerous apps, including the Railway Guardian
 support and what we can offer.  may be the first time. The apologies, the ‘sorry I didn’t   App, and more publicity for ‘Ask for Angela’ a project I
     mean it’ I love you. The mind games start and the        became involved with prior to the pandemic.
 April events are gathering momentum. The AGM on 18th April is followed by a relaunch of our Annual Gala   doubt increases. The control continues with how to
 Awards. The following week the Institute will be at The Security Event at the NEC 25-27th April.   dress, how to look, for some they are not allowed to   So how can those in security help – observe and
     wash. Basic daily needs are withdrawn; food, drink       communicate, be that guardian during the day and
 May 10th sees the launch of The Security Institute Wellbeing and Mental Health seminar for the security   and often money. If you have no food your weak, you   night-time economy. If you see something that is out of
 sector sponsored by Mitie will take place at The Shard. On the  16th – 18th May we will be at IFSEC, Excel  and   cannot fight back, with no money you can’t run away.   the ordinary or poor behaviour just asking if everything
 a Members lunch held on 24th May at Doggett’s, Coat and Badge,  Blackfriars Bridge London.  The mobile phone can be friend or foe – it can be   is okay can be enough for someone to move on. Keep a
     taken away to prevent you calling anyone for help or     safe distance and call for help. Sounds simple enough.

 June 8th is the launch of our first Careers Fair for Veterans and Uniformed Service Personnel held at the VSC   given as a gift to track the receiver. Friends become   It is! During the pandemic I became a Bystander Trainer
 in London which is an exciting opportunity for our Corporate Partner Network and members who employ   a thing of the past as it easier than explaining the   and revisited building my Restorative Relationship Skills
 former service personnel - so watch this space as Bob Martin CSyP and I release more information! This is   bruise, the weight loss, the dishevelled look.   amongst many other things – by standing shoulder to
 followed by an event on 15th June that we are holding at Mira Technology Institute in Nuneaton, as part of   shoulder we can prevent many things from happening.
 the initiative to engage young people to consider security as a career.  These are just some of the things I have dealt with   Sisters Nicole Smallman and Bibaa Henry murdered
     in the last 30 years. I have also dealt with those in    in June 2020 and Sabina Nessa September 2021 who
 July is also gathering momentum where we will be present at Twenty23 in Manchester on 6th. On the July   denial who believe a toxic relationship is the norm.   received less media attention are only examples.
 11th The Security Institute Director Carl Dakin will be hosting the Young Members and Fellows lunch at the   Persuading otherwise takes time, patience and often   Prevention against Violence Against Woman and Girls is
 Union Jack Club in London.   hours of silence. Not talking, not advising, just sitting,   now in the spotlight; not because it was something new,
     waiting for one word, any word which means that          or unfamiliar but because it is necessary.
 September 14th is the Women in Security Awards, 25th is the CSyP Dinner followed by 2 days at the   person is letting you in.
 International Security Expo 26th -27th at Olympia.
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