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Know your Institute
                         Know your Institute

            Chair’s Update:

            Peter Lavery FSyI                                               It has been another busy period since the            I was delighted to see the Institute continue
                                                                                                                                 our MoU collaboration with the UK Crowd
                                                                            Annual General Meeting attended by Her
                                                                            Royal Highness, The Princess Royal which             Management Association (UKCMA) earlier
                                                                            was an amazing success, much driven by the           this year, through the launch of a new Special
                                                                            close attention of Bob Martin CSyP FSyI in all       Interest Group combining a multi-disciplinary
                                                                            things Royal protocol.                               approach to protecting people in crowded
                                                                                                                                 places. This is a critical area for ‘competent’
                                                                            Hot on the heels of the work undertaken              crowd safety and security professionals who on
                                                                            by the Counter Terrorism Special Interest            behalf of owners and operators consider the all-
                                                                            Group with the Counter Terrorism                     risks approach, which of course includes terrorist
                                                                            Preparedness Network (CTPN), Anjee                   attacks and takes ‘proportionate and reasonable
                                                                            Lawson CSyP FSyI,  Andy Donaldson CSyP               measures’ under the proposed ‘Protect Duty’
                                                                            MSyI and I, on behalf of the Security Institute      legislation (aka Martyn’s Law), to prepare and
                                                                            attended the CTPN conference in Stockholm            protect the public. This continues to require a
                                                                            in May, which saw those European cities              multi-agency approach in our preparations and
                                                                            affected by terrorism come together to               emergency response planning.
                                                                            discuss and share good practice, which
                                                                            included a presentation from one of                  As I have previously mentioned, we may also
                                                                            our patrons Lord Harris on Security and              see a link with the current revision of the Civil
                                                                            Resilience and based his presentation on his         Contingencies Act 2004 under our national
                                                                            recent work for London.                              resilience strategy as it applies to Emergency
                                                                                                                                 Management which is a subject close to us all. An
                                                                            On July 2nd, The Security Institute marched          important time for those with the responsibility
                                                                            in the 50th anniversary of Pride in London,          of protecting crowded places, be that a park,
                                                                            with a plethora of security organisations.           stadium, high street, or transport hub with a
                                                                            Which no one could have avoided seeing               growing realisation that, to protect crowded
                                                                            the numerous colourful and vibrant                   places, a blend of knowledge and skills in safety,
                                                                            photographs on social media at the time. I           security leadership is required.
                                                                            salute our Rainbow Group for starting this
                                                                            and leading the way.                                 We should also consider this as and when
                                                                                                                                 Volume 2 of the Manchester Inquiry reports
                                                                            You will hopefully be aware that the                 on the response phase, given there are clear
                                                                            Security Institute now manages the SABRE             links with security planning and response which
                                                                            certification scheme on behalf of the                should be before year end.
                                                                            Building Research Establishment (BRE) and
                                                                            I was pleased to see the recent addition
                                                                            of the Kings Cross Estate adding SABRE               Looking forward
                                                                            certification. Anyone interested in knowing
                                                                            more on SABRE, please see Gareth Hulme               I will be attending the Women in Security awards
                                                                            CSyP FSyI our Head of SABRE, and head to             later this month which had the Institute’s own,
                                                                            pages 20-21 for more information on SABRE            Angela Vernon-Lawson CSyP FSyI as one of
                                                                            and the Kings Cross Estate certification.            the judges and it was fantastic to see that six
                                                                                                                                 Security Institute members were also nominated,
                                                                            The Secure Futures scheme, in partnership            and I wish the best luck to Sandra Perry MSyl,
                                                                            with the EY Foundation branched out                  Debbie Lawmon, Demelza Staples MSyI, Ellie
                                                                            regionally, with 14 young people going               Hurst ASyI, Satia Rai MSyI and Arevika Stepanian.
                                                                            through the programme in Manchester in               I also extend my wishes to all the finalists,
                                                                            recent weeks and I was honoured to hear              and wish them the very best of luck and I am
                                                                            some of their stories at the graduation              thoroughly looking forward to the evening.
                                                                            event on 24th August. I would like to thank
                                                                            the Institute members in the region who              The SyI conference “Protecting our Future” will
                                                                            supported the programme either in person             be hosted at Aviva on 20th October, but this will
                                                                            or with premises and ably led by Angie               be covered by Angela Vernon-Lawson CSyP FSyI
                                                                            Clarke CSyP FSyI and Paul Barnard CSyP               in the following welcome, so I will not steal her
                                                                            MSyI. I look forward to hearing where we will        thunder and I hope to see you there and also at
                                                                            be in 2023.                                          our Gala Awards at Madame Tussauds on the
                                                                                                                                 29th November, which I hope you consider to
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