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Know your Institute
  Know your Institute

 ‘Protecting our Future’ the   So, what do we have in store for attendees? We have fabulous speakers; Miriam Stone, Dr David

 Security Institute Annual   BaMaung CSyP FSyI, Mike Croll MSyI, Andy Donaldson CSyP MSyI, and Steve McGrath MSyI who will
           share their knowledge and on a range of experiences and security disciplines along with Charlie Curry
           MSyI who will emphasise the importance of collaboration between the public and private sectors.
 Conference    There will be interactive Q & A sessions, led by our conference Compere Alex Townsend-Drake, who
           will be joined by a range of panellists. The mobile app will host the Q & A as we want attendees to
           participate and ask questions without the eyes of others burning into the back of their head! And of
           course, attendees will receive full instructions ahead of the conference.
 By Angela Vernon-Lawson CSyP FSyI  A lasting thought - in 1996, the World Health Organisation viewed violence as -
           “The intentional use of physical force or power threatening of actual, against oneself, another
           person, or a group or community that either results in or has the likelihood of resulting in injury
           death, psychological harm, maldevelopment or deprivation”
           In 2022 this has not changed but if we stand together as an industry to Protect Our Future, we are

 Welcome to The Institute Quarterly, and since the last edition it   more likely to achieve a more positive outcome. For me “Yesterday is part of history but today I want
           to influence the way I approach the future”
 has been busy behind the scenes with the team at Head Office
 revamping logos, certificates, spotlighting team members, Institute
 members and planning for the year ahead. We are also more
 conscious of what we use and how we use it, including reducing
 the use of paper where possible – sustainability is key as The
 Security Institute grows, which will be noticeable at this years’
 Annual Conference ‘Protecting Our Future’ where we will be
 introducing the use of our very own Security Institute Conference
 mobile app and using QR codes.

 So why is the conference theme Protecting our Future? Well, over
 the last few months there is no doubt the private security industry
 is finally gaining the recognition it deserves. As a profession
 we all have a role to play, we are all custodians especially our
 colleagues on the front-line who tend to be the eyes and ears of
 the community, but do we fully understand the challenges that lie
 ahead and the impact of not being prepared?

 There is no doubt that as we near the end of 2022 the nation is dealing with social, economic, and
 geopolitical issues which creates higher levels of uncertainty, many will not have previously experienced.
 As the impact of financial pressures take hold, we are likely to see an increase in violence, organised
 crime, county lines and gang culture where the use of physical force or actions to establish a pattern of
 coercive control and instil fear in to a community are likely to escalate.

 By using this as a backdrop for The Security Institutes’ Annual Conference 2022 ‘Protecting Our Future’
 and recognising security is everyone’s responsibility, I have used the ideology of ‘protecting’ to explore
 the wide range of skills, techniques, and technologies available to protect people, assets, businesses, or
 space. In fact, anything that requires protection, how best to protect it and from what?

 There will also be a thread of preparedness; resilience and review intelligence gathered from past
 incidents to inform the type of measures required to recognise behaviours that increase the day-to-day
 threats and risks that harm our communities, our businesses, and livelihoods. As an industry we need
 a paradigm-shift to ensure we prepare, understand how to create resilience before an incident takes
 place and to take the time to complete a post incident analysis and not rely on shelfware. Collectively
 the essential three  will assist individuals, businesses, and communities to be more informed, to
 develop the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviours. The process also provides the opportunity
 to understand the financial implication associated with protecting our future against organised crime,
 insider threat, terrorism, and the broad range of risks, and threats we face daily. The importance of
 communication, avoidance of working in silos and the need for collaboration constantly grows as we will
 hear throughout the conference.

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