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relation to some of our more traditional cohorts of practitioners
           still falls within the aspirations of an increasingly inclusive
           Security Institute: inclusion is for everyone, not just the
           under-represented. For example, we are we are signatories
           and supporters of the Armed Forces Covenant, and we are
           passionate about supporting the recognition and career
           development of frontline security practitioners into management
           roles. We are currently partnering with the BSIA and Security
           Commonwealth in the ongoing Hidden Workforce campaign to
           highlight the essential role that Security Officers play in public life
           and to increase respect and recognition for their capabilities and,
           in recognition of the low average wage levels in frontline security,
           we endorse the real Living Wage campaign. We are now in the   Professor Alison Wakefield
           process of becoming accredited as a Living Wage Employer, and      PhD CSyP FSyI,
           pleased to support the social enterprise Wagestream, which            Chairman
           partners with employers to give workers instant access to their
           earned wages, without having to wait till the next payday.

           We are working to improve diversity and inclusivity monitoring
           within the Institute to help us assess the extent to which
           our applicants and members reflect the diversity within our
           profession; looking at ways of attracting a greater diversity of
           members into the Institute and into Institute committees across
           the organisation; considering how principles of equality, diversity
           and inclusion can be embedded more actively in all that we do;
           and exploring the role that the IISIG might play in informing
           the Institute’s own practices. Such topics feature increasingly at
           cross-sector meetings we attend and one-to-one interactions
           with prospective partners, and there seems to be a growing
           momentum across the security sector to address such objectives.
           Even when the groups sitting around the table often remain
           fairly homogenous, there is commonly a shared commitment
           to enhancing the diversity of the next generation, although a
           frequent uncertainty about how best to achieve this. I believe
           that the realisation of such a goal will be fundamental to the
           future expansion of the Institute, the ongoing professionalisation
           of security, and the continuing rise in the standing of the
           security sector, which still has much catching up to do with other
           sectors and professions that are further along in their equality,
           diversity and inclusion journey. It will bring a greater variety of
           experiences, perspectives, insights and skills into our community,
           make us more innovative, and help us achieve the excellence for
           which we are collectively striving.

           My term of office comes to an end at the close of this year, and
           I will be sorry to step down from my role in our increasingly
           dynamic, fast-evolving Institute. Positively, as time goes on I
           feel less and less pivotal to an organisation that is increasingly
           moving forward as a collective, with decreasing reliance on a
           small number of individuals. A growing number of members
           and organisational partners are actively making contributions
           and initiating and driving projects that will help us move forward
           together in our mission. We are continually celebrating new
           developments and successes at a rate I had never anticipated. By
           the end of this next financial year, there will be still more exciting
           achievements to announce, and I thank each reader sincerely for
           your continuing commitment and support to us, and invite you to
           browse this report for opportunities to get actively involved with
           the Institute if not already.

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