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the Government Security Profession and Government
           Security Group have been established. Our strong
           relationship with the Centre for the Protection of
           National Infrastructure has also been instrumental to
           our growing links with Government. Since the launch of
           the Government Security Profession Career Framework
           in February 2020, we have signed up 22 separate
           departments, equating to over 600 members.

           At HQ, we have continued to develop our services and
           capabilities to cope with the increase in membership          Rick Mounfield CSyP FSyI,
                                                                              Chief Executive
           and avenues of engagement. Events through 2019 were
           varied and conducted in all regions of the UK and even
           Dubai, where we have a thriving Middle East Members
           Group and strong relationship with the Security
           Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA): the government body
           responsible for security licensing and regulation. CPD
           workshops, co-hosted with experts in our corporate
           partnerships and Government group memberships
           (p.29); our annual conference (p.22), our Gala Awards
           Dinner (p.20) and the Chartered Security Professionals
           Presentation Dinner are all flagship events for us,
           impeccably organised by our team, well-attended and
           greatly enjoyed by all.

           When COVID- 19 locked us down, the team simply
           switched focus and started delivering digital events and
           more training courses. With a routine of two webinars
           per week, the work rate has not declined since we all
           commenced working from home.

           I beam with pride for my team, whenever I hear
           someone’s surprise that we are only nine strong when
           they thought we were much bigger. I am privileged
           to lead a selfless, dedicated, and high functioning
           team. I am also blessed to work for an innovative,
           forward-looking and highly productive Board of
           Directors. Together, with the expertise and efforts of the
           membership, we will continue to expand our influence
           and improve professional standards.

           I hope you enjoy reading about the past year; there is a
           lot to absorb. Thank you for your continued support and

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