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Chief Executive’s Address
                       At the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in April 2019, I was able to report that we had invested in a mentoring
                       platform and a professional development platform, enhancing two crucial aspects of membership available to
                       assist each member progress in their careers. This year, we have seen prolific use of these platforms and every
                       engagement has made someone a little wiser and more confident (see pages 16 and 17). All it takes is 100
                       improvements of 1% to open up a much wider range of opportunities.

                       It has always been the Security Institute’s strategic aim to recognise excellence and share best practice; to
                       give respect to those that pledge to develop themselves and help their peers develop at the same time. Such
                       respect is gained through validation and acceptance into membership, and resulting in post-nominals that are
                       recognised and endorsed by Government, not simply made up and given away. In our members, the security
                       sector can rely on individuals who can be deemed professional, not simply because they claim to be, but
                       because their peer network recognises and reinforces their credentials. #RecognisedRespectedProfessional is
                       our a strapline, which does what it says on the tin.

                       Security cannot yet be said to be a fully-fledged profession because we do not have a professional council.
                       That may seem controversial but consider this: no-one in a security consultancy role can be prevented from
                       giving advice. There are many security consultants giving bad advice because they are out of date and do not
                       maintain professional development. If their advice results in a threat being realised because the advice was
                       inappropriate, who holds them to account? No-one. Thankfully, there are many more that are performing to the
                       highest levels of professional competence than not. These are the members of the Security Institute.

                       We operate as a not-for-profit organisation, with no shareholders. We are not a lifestyle business and we
                       spend all of our surplus funds on improving the value of our membership. Our successes are a direct result of
                       volunteers giving their time for free, for the betterment of others. It’s simple and I am inspired by this every day.

                       All of the above has resulted in an exponential increase in both the recruitment of new members and the
                       retention of existing members. You will see a graphic illustration of this increase later in the report (p.8). The
                       biggest impacts are predominantly due to two aspects of recruitment. Membership referrals are the best
                       endorsement of our value for money: members convincing others to join. Can there be a better example of

                       The second is significant endorsement by Government. Since 2017, we have established close working
                       relationships and group memberships with a succession of central government departments, beginning
                       with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Civil Aviation Authority, Ministry of Defence, HM Revenue and
                       Customs, Department for Work and Pensions and, more recently, engaging directly with the Cabinet Office as

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