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Corporate Partnership

                  Since the 2019 AGM, 10 more commercial organisations have
                  become Corporate Partners, bringing our total to 34.

                  First introduced in 2016, Corporate Partnerships are individually
                  negotiated agreements which allow commercial organisations that
                  believe in and share the Institute’s ideals to be recognised by the   34
                  Institute. Our Corporate Partners are committed to professional
                  excellence in Security Practice and support the development and
                  implementation of professional standards across the security sector.

                  Our Corporate stand committed to continuing the professional   Corporate Partners
                  development of all of their security personnel, as well as the wider
                  security community with many of our Corporate Partners supporting
                  the Institute’s CPD Events.

                  In addition, they support the mission of the Security Institute to
                  ensure that security professionals are recognised as being of equal
                  standing to professionals in all other categories within modern

                  Corporate Partners have bundles of memberships included in their
                  agreement with us, allowing their employees to receive Affiliate
                  memberships en bloc and gain access to our range of member

                  If these are values that your organisation shares and you are
                  interested in becoming a Corporate Partner please contact our
                  Engagement Manager Jade Lapper:'

                     Corporate Partner Benefits

                     •   Use of the exclusive Corporate Partner logo on your website and company stationary
                     •   Presentation of Corporate Partner certificate
                     •   Confirmation of your Corporate Partner status added to the SyI membership and wider network
                     •   Inclusion in the Corporate Partner Showcase on the SyI website, including dedicated space in the Virtual
                         Exhibition Area
                     •   Affiliate memberships and further discounts on additional applications
                     •   Exclusive opportunity to take part in knowledge- generation and sharing activities and projects
                     •   Promotion at Security Institute events, and discounts for bookings
                     •   Discounts on Security Institute Qualifications
                     •   Copies of bulletins, magazines and press information from the Security Institute
                     •   Advanced access to sponsorship and exhibition opportunities

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