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               2019 was a year of record growth for the Security Institute, with 716
               successful applicants joining our membership. This is a 22% increase
               in new successful applications from the 2018 total figures.

               Of the 716 successful applicants, our ‘Member’ (MSyI) grade of   3,404
               membership accounted for the biggest percentage of successful
               applicants with 304 new ‘Members’ joining the Security Institute in
               2019. This was then followed by ‘Associate’ (ASyI) grade members,
               which represented 178 of the successful applicants joining in 2019.
               This was then proceeded by Affiliate and Student grade members
               accounting for 127 and 107 successful applicants respectively.    Total Members

               With regards to leavers of the Institute, there were 207 that left our
               membership in 2019. This figure indicates a 26% decline in leavers
               compared to the 2018 total, continuing a steady decline in leavers.
               When it comes to why individuals decided to leave and not continue
               their membership, the majority of leavers left due to non-payment/
               lost contact with this accounting for 127 of the 2019 leavers. The next   716
               most common reason for leaving the Institute was that the member
               had ‘Retired or Left the Profession’, which accounted for 23 of the

               Also, in 2019 a number of Student members that we had lost contact   Successful applicants
               with were identified. In early 2020, these Student members were
               contacted and asked if they wish to upgrade their membership or to   joined the Institute in
               be processed as leavers.

               This brought our end of year Membership total for 2019 to 3,404 - an
               increase of just over 20% from the end of year figures for 2018.

                             Recruitment vs Leavers Year on Year

                                                                                                      New members


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