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Close the gap between    Welcome

 when threats emerge and

 when you discover them.                  Contents       Note from the Editor
                                                         As the government restrictions have started to lift in the UK, the

                                                                     4  Institute has once again adapted to best serve our members.
                      Know your Institute
                                                         The past few months have seen the cautious return of in-person
                                                         events, with our monthly Member Lunches restarting and other
 Dataminr's real-time alerts leverage AI to give you the   social events (p.12). In addition to these popular events, we have
                          Our Membership
 earliest indications of business-critical information          Know your Institutes                               18              22  continued our calendar of educational webinars and online
                                                         networking events with the new Remo platform.
 about risks to your people, brand and assets – so you
 can respond with speed and confidence.         Know your Institutes                                                  30  The Institute will continue this hybrid approach into the future
                          Corporate Social Responsibility
                                                         that you can read more about in this edition, combining the
                                                         benefits that both in-person and remote events offer to our
 Learn more at         Know your Institutes                                                 36       members. This approach is probably best highlighted by our
                      Education & Learning
                                                         upcoming Annual Conference, which will be our first hybrid
                                                         event. Centering around the theme of ‘Influential Security’,
                                                         our line-up of thought-leaders will explore the importance of
          Know your Institutes                                                 42  influence within the world of security - we have already started
                       Security Community
                                                         announcing speakers! (p.8)

          Know your Institutes                                                 44  On page 30, you can also read an update from our Inclusive
                       Our Corporate Partners
                                                         Security Special Interest Group (ISSIG) as they mark one year
                                                         since launching! As part of their ongoing work, a Diversity &
                                                         Inclusion questionnaire was launched in August. After receiving
          Know your Institutes                                                  52  over 500 responses from Institute members, the questionnaire
                           Cyber Updates
                                                         has now been opened to all in the wider security sector. If you
                                                         haven’t already, we’d be grateful if you could take the time to
          Know your Institutes                                                  54  complete the questionnaire:
                    Chartered Security Professionals

          Know your Institutes                                                  56  This edition includes many contributions from our members,
                    Upcoming Events
                                                         we are grateful for all that have taken the time to share their
                                                         expertise and story with other members. Matthew Fields CSyP
                                                         MSyI shares the findings of his latest research into hostage
                                                         situations, and what proof-of-life videos can tell us (p.26). An
                                                         article by Louisa Schneller MSyI, gives an insight into why as
                                                         a sector and wider society should not aim to return ‘back to
                                                         normal’ post-pandemic (p.29) – and that’s just the tip of the

                                                         The coming months will see some notable changes for our HQ
                                                         Team. Our offices will be relocating to MIRA Technology Park, to
                                                         accommodate for our growing number of team members (p.13).

                                                         In addition, Di Thomas Hons FSyI will be retiring at the end of
                                                         October after almost 16 years at the Institute. Di has been an
                                                         integral part of the Institute’s success and will be greatly missed
                                                         (p.13). On a personal note, I would like to thank Di for being an
                                                         amazing mentor to me during my time at the Institute. We all
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