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                       Know your Institute

                     Annual Conference 2021 to

                                       centre around

                               ‘Influential Security’

          We are pleased to announce the theme and
          speaker line-up for this year’s Annual Conference,
          which will take place on October 28th. This
          year’s conference will centre around the theme
          of ‘Influential Security’, and will feature a wide
          variety of speakers that focus on the far-reaching
          influence of security.

          Influencers can convince and coerce, inspire and
          improve the social circle around them. The ability
          to influence is central to security and directly
          impacts every aspect of a security professional’s
          role. Ultimately, to deter is to influence the
          behaviour of would-be perpetrators. Also, beyond
          deterrence security professionals must influence
          to promote compliance and raise awareness
          of threats.  In the world of security, a variety of
          concepts are used to influence behaviour. This
          includes crime prevention through environmental
          design and public awareness campaigns such as
          “see it, say it sorted”.

          However, our adversaries do the same, to
          radicalise and inspire violence. To create fear in a
          population and even using our media and social
          media to deliver deep fake, epistemic risks that
          influence populations to follow a path without

          The Conference will be compared by Brian Dillon
          CSyP FSyI, a senior advisor in the government
          security profession, and one of 200 Chartered
          Security Professionals.

                          Thank you to our Annual Conference 2021 Sponsors

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