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Our Line-Up

             Frank Cannon CSyP FSyI - ‘Influencing the Workforce Through Security
             Awareness; a Practitioner’s Approach’

             As an established industry-leading security professional, Frank will be discussing his
             proven approach to workforce engagement in the development of a behavioural-
             based security culture. During his presentation, he will be sharing a methodology to
             influence by keeping the message relevant, personal and important to the recipient.

                               Professor Michael Mainelli - ‘A Richer Approach To The Economics Of
                               In his presentation, Michael will share how security professionals are able to exert
                               greater influence within an organisation. Exploring how security professionals will
                               get to the board room if they focus on three financial metrics – risk reduction,
                               reward enhancement, and increased certainty.

             Elizabeth Seger - ‘Epistemic Security: informed decision-making in
             democratic societies’
             Elizabeth Seger, a PhD Candidate at the University of Cambridge, will explore how
             society’s ability to make well-informed decisions and coordinate collective action
             in response to a crisis has been impacted by struggle to separate fact from fiction
             and identify reliable information sources. This thus,  poses a substantial threat to a
             society’s epistemic security,

                               Shivindra Pratap Singh MSyI - ‘CAPSI – A Game Changer in Indian Private
                               Security Industry’
                               Representing one of the Institute’s strategic international partners, Central
                               Association of Private Security Industry  - India (CAPSI), Shivindra will be sharing
                               CAPSI’s journey since inception and its influence on the Indian Private Security

             Chris Smith CSyP FSyI - ‘Testing times - security leadership and influence’
             Chris has spent the majority of his career in corporate security leadership roles, and
             will be sharing what makes an effective and influential leader whilst managing ever-
             changing circumstances and an evolving threat landscape.

                               Richard Gott - ‘Amplifying Influence –Post-COVID-19 Era Fundamentals’

                               Richard will be focusing on how individuals/organisations can amplify the
                               influence they hold within the security sector (and beyond) and how to increase

                More speakers and details to be announced including Steve McGrath MSyI
              (Detective Chief Inspector, NaCTSO), Heather Baily (Chair, SIA), Dr Aoife Hunt &
                                                     Simon Ancliffe.

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