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Know your Institute
                       Know your Institute

          Chief Executive’s Piece

          Rick Mounfield CSyP FSyI

           I have become fixated with Purple cows!

           Godin says “ A remarkable product or service is like
           a purple cow. Brown cows are boring; purple ones
           are worth mentioning. Those ideas spread; those
           organisations grow” (Tribes, 2008).

           As we emerge from 16 months of lockdown, we
           are different. The Security Institute is different. The
           pandemic swelled our numbers. Not just a record year
           for membership growth but a record year for influential
           growth. From May 2020 – March 2021, our LinkedIn page
           grew by an AVERAGE of 2,000 new followers a month!
           We now have 57,000 followers who want to hear what
           we have to say. Its slowed down since April….we are only
           getting 1000 new followers a month! I believe this growth
           is due to the altruistic endeavours of our members and
           corporate partners.
           The Security Institute is delivering purple cows. Our
           interactions, webinars and engagements are not run
           of the mill. They are delivered with passion, by security
           professionals who are passionate and want to enhance
           their sector through influence. We have enjoyed speakers
           from the government security profession, corporate
           security and individual specialists in so many niche areas
           of security, that I think I have personally learned more,
           and grown professionally over the past year. I know many
           other have too.

           We were delivering 2 webinars a week in the height of
           the pandemic, which helped many security professionals
           complete their CPD from the safety of their own home.
           In fact, more security professionals than ever before
           completed their CPD in 2020.
           Alongside our educational webinars, our online
           networking sessions proved to be a big success. Our
           regular networking sessions on the REMO platform
           allowed members to network easily and authentically
           from home, with many taking the opportunity to share
           their experiences and knowledge with the wider Institute
           community. In addition to the our Community Platform,
           which it is hard to believe only launched in June 2020,
           these online networking sessions allowed members
           across the UK and further afield to connect during a
           period of extended isolation.
           These new innovative additions to our offering have truly
           been purple cows for the sector, attracting new members
           and benefiting existing members. It has meant that more
           members can easily engage with our growing number
           of special interest groups, which is benefiting the wider
           sector. Look no further than the recent work of our
           Counter Terrorism SIG and Inclusive Security SIG.

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