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Know your Institute
                       Know your Institute

           Chair’s Update:

           The Institute’s Growing


           Peter Lavery FSyI

                                                                  2021 continues to move at a pace for us all
                                                                  as many businesses start to get to whatever
                                                                  ‘New normal’ will be for them and slowly we
                                                                  see some returning to the office but clearly a
                                                                  long way to go. In June and hot on the heels
                                                                  of receiving our royal patronage from The
                                                                  Princess Royal, both Baroness Ruth Henig
                                                                  and I were invited to St James Palace for our
                                                                  first face to face meeting with The Princess

                                                                  Whilst very much on my best behaviour for
                                                                  fear of being carted off to the tower, we
                                                                  all had a lengthy discussion on numerous
                                                                  security related matters and outlining what
                                                                  we are doing to progress the profession both
                                                                  now and in the future. Unsurprisingly there
                                                                  are several areas of mutual interest and we
                                                                  hope over time to engage on several of these,
                                                                  but most especially our ‘Next Generation
                                                                  in Security’ programme and more youth
                                                                  engagement to highlight the opportunities
                                                                  there are in the multi-disciplined nature that
                                                                  is security.

                                                                  We are working with the Royal Household
                                                                  and looking forward to our first royal visit in
                                                                  the fullness of time where The Princes Royal
                                                                  is keen to meet our members and see first-
                                                                  hand what we are doing.

                                                                  July presented the first opportunity to get the
                                                                  Board of Directors together for our strategy
                                                                  day, which included an opportunity to visit
                                                                  the Head Office team in Nuneaton and
                                                                  for us to show our appreciation for all the
                                                                  work they have done over the pandemic to
                                                                  support the membership. That support has
                                                                  been critical given our considerable growth in
                                                                   membership and the adaptive approach to
                                                                     events and online content.
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