SyI Virtual Conference Week

In 2020, we decided to extend our Annual Conference across an entire week. Our Virtual Conference Week, was a first for the Institute, and brought together industry thought leaders from all over the world. The digital event also included a virtual week-long exhibition, and a virtual charity auction – which raised £7,500 for the Security Benevolent Fund!

Security Institute members can recap 7 of the sessions HERE

Further information for the 2021 Annual Conference on October 28th 2021 will be released shortly.

The Science of Security

Science sits behind the majority of our Security Practices and capabilities. Some are obvious and some less so. The Security Institute Virtual Conference Week explored some of the benefits science brings to our ability to protect, influence and develop as security professionals.

Speakers will presented on topics that will consider the importance of Science in all aspects of security, through:

  • Engineering
  • Psychology
  • Technology
  • The Human factors
  • The impacts of connectivity via the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Forensic sciences
  • Impact of space exploration

Along with a range of other fascinating topics, all of which fantastic learning opportunities about future threats and mitigating theories that will enhance your knowledge and hopefully make you think harder and research further.

2020 Conference Sponsors

We’d like to thank our Virtual Conference 2020 Sponsors:


If you would be interested in becoming one of next year’s Annual Conference Sponsors please email jade@security-institute.org


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