CTX unites professionals from industry, infrastructure, government and policing to explore the latest counter-terrorism technologies and solutions. The event allows the development of new ideas and strategies to combat the latest threats facing the UK and its international partners.

You can read more about the expo here.

Security Matters Live

Security Matters Live is an all-new conference and exhibition that takes place on 13th June 2024 at the Coventry Building Society Arena. It will also incorporate a full day installer conference run by SSAIB and a conference by the International Foundation for Protection Officers.

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Specialist K9’s Limited

Specialist K9’s Limited is a NCTAS-P Affiliated Company and Canine Service Provider of Home Office approved Explosive Detection Dog Teams.

NCTAS-P is the UK Government Endorsed National Canine Training and Accreditation Scheme – Private Security Industry, which supports the Governments Counter-Terrorism Strategy (CONTEST)

NCTAS & NCTAS-P are the only accreditation schemes for Venues and Public Spaces which are currently backed by the Home Office, CT Policing, NaCTSO and the NPSA.

By providing our clients with the highest of standards, endorsed by the Home Office, gives our clients the peace of mind knowing they are getting the very best Canine Search Teams available, helping to keep their employees, visitors, sites and venues safe.

Our Managing Directors Chris Conneely & Kerry Hodder lead from the front and are themselves individually NCTAS-P Affiliated and Accredited Explosive Detection Dog Handlers, trained to the highest possible standards with current NPCC approved instructors at regional Police Forces.

Chris has over 30 years experience in the Police, with a background in Armed Policing and Dog Handling. He spent 23 years on the Police Dog Unit, with a significant proportion of that as a Police Dog Instructor across a collaboration of 3 Police Forces.

Chris worked 4 General Purpose Dogs, a Firearms Support Dog, Pro-active and Passive Drug Dogs, as well as Explosive Detection.

Chris also has experience in the Private Sector working Explosive Detection Dogs, as well as previously managing the day to day operations of another Canine Service Provider.

Kerry began her Dog handling Career with her NASDU Tobacco Detection Dog, working on behalf of private companies and Trading Standards detecting the import and distribution of illegal tobacco.

Kerry then moved on to Explosive Detection, where she trained as a resident at the prestigious, internationally recognised Surrey and Sussex Police Dog Training School, subsequently accrediting under Governments NCTAS-P Explosive Detection Dog Team Program.

Prior to Dogs, Kerry worked for the Government on behalf of the MOD, and the Royal Navy, within Health, Safety and Security, as well as a long analytical career in the City of London, responsible for managing a Content Team in London as well as offshore. She is also very proud to be on the board of Trustees for the Essex Retired Police Dog Charity.

We aim to work collaboratively across the public & private sector to ensure we remain relevant. We are thrilled to have joined the Security Institute as a Corporate Partner and look forward to supporting the institute with our NCTAS-P Explosive Detection Dogs.


Risk Management Resources Limited

Risk Management Resources Limited (RMR) provides operational solutions and training to help organisations maintain stability and security. We specialise in threat monitoring, risk
management consultancy, and site vulnerability assessments and is a leading provider in addressing challenges related to protest, incursion, and activism.

Our strategies are researchdriven and based on proven methodologies. We ensure the highest security and resilience for our clients, by implementing solutions rooted in experience and expertise. RMR is committed to enhancing organisational resilience and business continuity through a combination of preventative measures, intelligence-led strategies, and diplomatic solutions.

Read more about Risk Management Resources Limited on their website HERE.

Fastline Steel Services

Fastline Steel Services is one of the market leaders in the world of perimeter security. Specializing in the design, manufacture, and supply of high security perimeter systems. Our comprehensive range includes steel palisade fencing, high-security mesh systems, security rated railings, bespoke solutions, and fully automated gate systems ensuring a robust and effective perimeter solution for any situation.

With more than a decade of expertise, we are known for our innovative approach, professionalism and commitment to quality. Our security solutions offer a wide range of protection levels varying from low security to the high security. We pride ourselves on adhering to the standards set by LPS 1175 Issue 8 and Secure By Design, guaranteeing that our products are not just effective but also recognized for their reliability and performance.

Our dedication to continuous product research, rigorous testing, and development is driven by a commitment to solving the evolving challenges in perimeter protection. As a one-stop solution provider, we offer a variety of products from fencing and impact protection barriers to cutting-edge detection technologies ensuring that our clients specific needs are met. We make sure our tailored packages are catered to each client providing them with a solution that Deters, Detects and Delays.

Working with an extensive portfolio of sectors including Ports, Airports, Zoos, Datacentres, the MoD and the MoJ to name a few, Fastline Steel Services extends its reach across the UK and internationally to meet global security demands.

Read more about Fastline Steel Services on their website HERE.


The Surelock McGill Group

The Surelock McGill Group has for over sixty years been recognised as a global leader in providing high level protection solutions against forced entry, blast and ballistic threats, fire containment and life-safety egress. Spanning eight businesses, we are designers and manufacturers of high security doorsets, walling, locking and other building hardening solutions, as well as offering complete modular, secure structures.

To ensure these solutions stand the test of time our in-house engineers are security cleared and experienced to provide installation, maintenance and inspection services.

Our range of physical security solutions are the most extensively tested and approved products globally and have been specified to help protect some of the highest profile sites on every continent of the world.

Sectors we work within include:

  • Embassies, government, and defence establishments
  • Electricity, nuclear, gas, wind and water facilities
  • Telecommunications and data centres
  • Petrochemical and offshore exploration
  • Air and sea ports, and rail infrastructure
  • Secure hospitals, prisons, health and scientific laboratories
  • Heritage sites and museums
  • Finance, cash-in-transit, retail and commercial buildings
  • Natural hazards, seismic shock, and tornados


What we provide:

  • Locking and ancillary solutions
  • Doors, walls, windows, louvres, armouries and mobile secure containers
  • Installation, servicing and fire door inspections
  • Training and CPD courses
  • Distributor of brands including iLOQ, LoxTop key and asset management systems and Sargent & Greenleaf combination locks

Read more about The Surelock McGill Group on their website HERE.

Portal Security

Portal Security incorporated in 2011 as a traditional manned guarding security company providing services to construction, infrastructure and housing sectors throughout the UK with offices in Glasgow, North West of England and London.

As the business climate and requirements changed, Portal Security  have evolved by adapting their services to suit the needs of their clients.

Portal Security are now one of Scotland’s major manufacturers and suppliers to all types of CCTV solutions to the same industries. Their manned guarding has changed considerably as in 2017 they set up their building management services division. This has now grown to over £1 Million turnover and is expanding year on year. Portal Security pride themselves on the level of service they deliver throughout all sectors of the business, striving to employ the best individuals in each area. This has proved profitable and beneficial to their customers as they are still working with their very first clients they obtained in 2011.

Read more about Portal Security on their website HERE.


Resilience First

Resilience First is the world’s largest business network setting the standard for resilience leadership in the private sector for a safe, secure, and sustainable future. It serves as a platform for businesses to adapt, respond, and innovate in the face of converging crises and a rapidly changing world by facilitating collaboration and knowledge-sharing, and co-creating solutions.

Resilience First works with more than 600 members around the world to embed resilience across all facets of the private sector and support businesses in navigating and thriving in today’s increasingly complex and uncertain landscape. By fostering a collaborative approach, Resilience First aims to strengthen the resilience of its members and contribute to the overall resilience of society.

Resilience First originally spun out of London First (now BusinessLDN) in April 2018 and is now a part of Resilience Rising – a platform for collective impact that brings together global and local mission-driven organisations, initiatives, and other entities to work in partnership and achieve systemic resilience to the world’s most pressing challenges.

We specialise in areas critical to organisational resilience, such as the climate crisis, global security, people and leadership, policy, and governance.

Our Model

In today’s fast-paced, interconnected and interdependent world, unexpected challenges can arise at any moment. That’s why it’s crucial for businesses to be prepared, adaptable, and collaborative.

At Resilience First, we’re empowering over 600 businesses in 150 countries, harnessing the potential of more than 10 million employees worldwide. With us, you can unlock the insights, resources and tools to equip your organisation with the resilience it needs. Our membership model comes in two forms, Member and Premium Member. To learn more and discover the benefits, click here.

5 Reasons to join Resilience First

  1. Join a growing global community of business innovators and leading-edge practitioners to build your organisation’s resilience in our rapidly changing world
  2. Gain access to the tools, resources, and key industry insights your business needs to become a leader on organisational resilience
  3. Boost your risk management strategies to survive disruptions whilst innovating and leaning into shifts and turning them into opportunities
  4. Become a visible changemaker by taking the lead in global campaigns and initiatives to build the wider business community’s resilience to shocks and stresses
  5. Influence systems change through radical collaboration, ultimately contributing to sustainable economic prosperity and societal well-being

In today’s fast-paced, interconnected and interdependent landscape, unexpected challenges can arise at any moment. That’s why it’s crucial for businesses to be prepared, adaptable, and collaborative as they find new ways to survive and thrive in our changing world.

Our global community of pioneers and practitioners are dedicated to building responsible and resilient businesses. Resilience First membership helps you access the latest global insights and risk trends, resources, and tools you need to build organisational resilience and be prepared for anything that comes your way.

By becoming part of our global network, you’ll gain access to exclusive resources, cutting-edge insights, and networking opportunities that will enhance your organisation’s ability to respond to global shocks, cyber threats, the climate crisis, and more.

You can read the latest from Resilience First HERE

SAGIG – The Security Awareness Special Interest Group

The Security Awareness Special Interest Group (SASIG) is the favoured networking and thought-leadership forum for the cybersecurity industry. Its mission is to improve trust and confidence in the online environment through our free presentations, panel discussions and networking sessions for security leaders, based on today’s hot topics.

SASIG’s 9,000 members represent over 4,000 organisations from across the UK and around the world. They are responsible for cybersecurity within their organisations. Other professions and representatives from government, law enforcement and academia are also welcomed.

Founded in 2004, SASIG has established itself as the leading voice in the great cybersecurity debate. Many regard SASIG events as a CISO safe-zone, thus the level of discussion is extraordinarily revealing and rewarding.

There’s plenty to choose from, with three webinars a week and three in-person events a month, so come and join the cybersecurity conversation, you’ll be glad you did so.

You can read the latest from The SAGIG HERE

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