Control Risks

‘Control Risks’ currently have 3 courses included in our Approved Training Provider Scheme:


2 ATP Continuing Professional Development Courses:

  • Control Risks: ‘Kidnap Incident Management’
  • Control Risks: ‘Personal Awareness Security Training’


1 ATP Professional Certificate Course:

  • Control Risk: ‘High Risk Environment Training’


Control Risks is a specialist risk consultancy. We are committed to helping our clients build organisations that are secure, compliant and resilient in an age of ever-changing risk and connectivity.

We believe that responsible risk taking is at the core of our clients’ success. We have unparalleled experience in helping clients solve the challenges and crises that arise in any ambitious organisation seeking to convert risk into opportunity globally. The insight and depth of experience we have gained over more than forty years proves invaluable in giving our clients the intelligence they need to grasp opportunities with greater certainty.

Our established international presence and unrivalled knowledge of diverse security and operating environments make us a recognised global leader in security, risk and resilience training, with a proven track record for delivering high-quality courses.’


You can find more information and book on their website HERE


Meesons A.I

Meesons A.I’s course ‘Specifying Physical Entrance Security’ is included in our ATP CPD Scheme. The course covers:

  • Considerations based on the different layers of a site
  • Types of Physical Entrance Solutions
  • Methods of operation
  • Industry standards
  • Integrating tailgating solutions
  • Installation considerations
  • Safety Features

You can book onto this course by emailing cpd@meesons.com

Meason’s courses have been designed to fit into your work schedule and requirements, so no matter how little time you have, you can still benefit from attending our courses. The courses can be delivered at your office or remotely at a time to suit you.

You can find more information on their website: www.meesons.com



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